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The Committee is no longer accepting submissions for the inquiry into the Adoption of Children from Overseas. Documents received will now be considered as correspondence. They will be seen by the Committee but will not be authorised for publication.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 274 submissions in the following list.

  1. Ms Felicity Goldstein (PDF 135KB)
  2. Ms Kathryn Leckenby (PDF 172KB)
  3. Mr Mark Rodger-Snelson (PDF 191KB)
  4. Queensland Law Society (PDF 72KB)
  5. Dr Vanessa Mills (PDF 76KB)
  6. Ms Tammy King (PDF 35KB)
  7. Name suppressed (PDF 122KB)
  8. Name suppressed (PDF 98KB)
  9. Mr Rob & Mrs Julie Nestic (PDF 98KB)
  10. Australian Family Association, WA Branch (PDF 299KB)
  11. Mr Warren & Mrs Shirlene Harvey (PDF 52KB)
  12. Ms Rae Clark (PDF 291B)
  13. Name suppressed (PDF 220KB)
  14. Mr Charles and Mrs Kate Qin (PDF 204KB)
  15. Ms Carolyn Bird (PDF 102KB)
  16. Australians Adopting European Children (PDF 1607KB)
  17. Australian Families for Children Inc. (PDF 316KB)
  18. Ms Dee Cridland & Mr AhTee Chia (PDF 45KB)
  19. Ms Lynette Smith (PDF 341KB)
  20. Mrs Leisa Low (PDF 83KB)
  21. Mr Steve & Mrs Louise Nielsen (PDF 173KB)
  22. Ms Debra Anstis (PDF 139KB)
  23. Confidential
  24. Mr Mark & Mrs Lynda Olive (PDF 69KB)
  25. Name suppressed (PDF 93KB)
  26. Supplementary to submission 17:
    Australian Families for Children Inc (PDF 85KB)
  27. Mr Michael & Mrs Danielle Potter (PDF 371KB)
  28. Name suppressed (PDF 200KB)
  29. Mr Malcolm & Mrs Benita Smith (PDF 150KB)
  30. Mr Toby & Mrs Claire Bottrell (PDF 275KB)
  31. Name suppressed (PDF 203KB)
  32. Name suppressed (PDF 102KB)
  33. Mr Rob & Mrs Noline Cornhill (PDF 876KB)
  34. Dr Lucy Bowyer
  35. Dr Kate Stewart (PDF 78KB)
  36. Dr Susan Fox (PDF 49KB)
  37. Ms Mandy Crocker (PDF 62KB)
  38. Ms Kathy Blanter (PDF 206KB)
  39. Confidential (PDF 66KB)
  40. Ms Karen Lloyd-Collins (PDF 41KB)
  41. Mr Jeff & Mrs Rianne Muller (PDF 195KB)
  42. Mr James R Magel (PDF 77KB)
  43. Ms Danielle Vandenberg (PDF 120KB)
  44. Mrs Donna Simard (PDF 285KB)
  45. Ms Lisa Dibb (PDF 141KB)
  46. Mr Robert & Mrs Leith Harding (PDF 244KB)
  47. Mr Joseph Simard (PDF 65KB)
  48. Name suppressed (PDF 215KB)
  49. Australian Korean Friendship Group (Queensland) Inc. (PDF 219KB)
  50. Name suppressed (PDF 280KB)
  51. Ms Yvonne Wickham (PDF 54KB)
  52. Mr Chris Wild (PDF 60KB)
  53. Mr Scott Weeks (PDF 177KB)
  54. Mr Martin & Dr Karen Turner (PDF 162KB)
  55. Name suppressed (PDF 113KB)
  56. Australian Council for Adoption Inc. (PDF 1109KB)
  57. Australian Christian Lobby (PDF 195KB)
  58. Mr Campbell & Mrs Andrea Freeden (PDF 428KB)
  59. Confidential
  60. Mr Mark & Mrs Melanie Boulton (PDF 232KB)
  61. Ms Kerry Manley (PDF 33KB)
  62. Mr Mark Byrne (PDF 27KB)
  63. Mr Haydn & Mrs Lotty Neal (PDF 97KB)
  64. Ms Anita Fratel (PDF 280KB)
  65. Ms Sandy Johnson (PDF 79KB)
  66. Name suppressed (PDF 100KB)
  67. Name suppressed (PDF 93KB)
  68. Name suppressed (PDF 163KB)
  69. Confidential
  70. Ms Lisa Wilson & Mr Stewart Turner (PDF 1296KB)
  71. Name suppressed (PDF 99KB)
  72. Mr Kerry & Mrs Ruth Emerson (PDF 114KB)
  73. Name suppressed (PDF 198KB)
  74. Name suppressed (PDF 437KB)
  75. Queensland Taiwan Support Group (PDF 136KB)
  76. Mr Geoff & Mrs Katie Davis (PDF 158KB)
  77. Mr Gerard & Mrs Margaret Walsh (PDF 161KB)
  78. Name suppressed (PDF 94KB)
  79. Mr Mark & Mrs Wendy Stewart (PDF 181KB)
  80. Hon Philip Ruddock MP, Attorney-General (PDF 219KB)
  81. Name suppressed (PDF 569KB)
  82. Ms Tiffany Gray (PDF 169KB)
  83. Confidential
  84. Ms Cathrin Cassarchis (PDF 100KB)
  85. Name suppressed (PDF 104KB)
  86. Families with Children from China-Australia (PDF 364KB)
  87. Mr Michael & Mrs Barbara Weston (PDF 188KB)
  88. Mrs Clarissa Stuart (PDF 73KB)
  89. Name suppressed (PDF 76KB)
  90. Senator the Hon Amanda Vanstone, Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (PDF 685KB)
  91. Ms Jeanne Read (PDF 51KB)
  92. Ms Deborah Hunt (PDF 56KB)
  93. Accepting Children Everywhere (PDF 132KB)
  94. Australian Society for Intercountry Aid for Children (NSW) Inc. (PDF 265KB)
  95. Ms Laureen Chivell and Mr Stephen Hind (PDF 186KB)
  96. Mr Cec Pedersen (PDF 372KB)
  97. Ms Julia Rollings (PDF 244KB)
  98. Mr Mark & Mrs Christa De Hoog (PDF 117KB)
  99. Name suppressed (PDF 183KB)
  100. Australian African Children's Aid and Support Association Inc. (PDF 682KB)
  101. Mr Ian & Mrs Elizabeth Nussey (PDF 42KB)
  102. Mr Roger Sawkins (PDF 485KB)
  103. Name suppressed (PDF 370KB)
  104. Mr Michael & Mrs Berenice Holmes (PDF 633KB)
  105. Name suppressed (PDF 1680KB)
  106. Mr Janek & Mrs Rebecca Laguna (PDF 1102KB)
  107. Mr Richard & Mrs Pauline Gehrmann (PDF 1093KB)
  108. Mr Andrew & Mrs Johanna Rate (PDF 1132KB)
  109. Mr Andy & Mrs Lisa Minogue (PDF 2835KB)
  110. Mrs Ann Plohberger (PDF 685KB)
  111. Name suppressed (PDF 408KB)
  112. Name suppressed (PDF 320KB)
  113. Mr B & Mrs D Comerford (PDF 114KB)
  114. Inner City Legal Centre, NSW (PDF 189KB)
  115. The Foldesi Family (PDF 50KB)
  116. Ms Colleen O'Brien (PDF 57KB)
  117. Ms Lynette Ross (PDF 268KB)
  118. Mr Tim O'Reilly and Ms Kate Purcell (PDF 352KB)
  119. Name suppressed (PDF 99KB)
  120. Mr Jon & Mrs Kathy Kruger (PDF 395KB)
  121. The Pirani Family (PDF 661KB)
  122. Ms Rachael Emerson (PDF 180KB)
  123. Name suppressed (PDF 1166KB)
  124. Mr John Hardisty (PDF 132KB)
  125. Name suppressed (PDF 203KB)
  126. Name suppressed (PDF 128KB)
  127. Mr Christopher Lockwood (PDF 332KB)
  128. Name suppressed (PDF 170KB)
  129. Dr Andrew Melville-Smith (PDF 236KB)
  130. Supplementary to submission 58:
    Mr Campbell & Mrs Andrea Freeden (PDF 421KB)
  131. Ms M A Sanders (PDF 175KB)
  132. World Families Australia Inc. (PDF 395KB)
  133. Adoptive Families Association of the ACT Inc. (PDF 552KB)
  134. Donor Conception Support Group of Australia Inc. (PDF 172KB)
  135. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (PDF 1101KB)
  136. Supplementary to submission 33
    Mr Rob & Mrs Noline Cornhill (PDF 531KB)
  137. EurAdopt Australia (PDF 917KB)
  138. Mr James & Mrs Rosey Martin (PDF 42KB)
  139. Mr Craig & Mrs Jill Busfield (PDF 32KB)
  140. Name suppressed (PDF 80KB)
  141. Adoption Support for Families & Children (PDF 2327KB)

  142. Adoption Support for Families & Children - Attachment A (PDF 579KB)

  143. Mr David & Mrs Kylie McAuliffe (PDF 37KB)
  144. Name suppressed (PDF 141KB)
  145. Adoption NT (PDF 79KB)
  146. Mrs Peta Pettigrew (PDF 127KB)
  147. Ms Belinda Cooley (PDF 165KB)
  148. NSW Committee on Adoption and Permanent Care Inc. (PDF 111KB)
  149. Confidential
  150. Mr Kerry & Mrs Cynthia Culleton (PDF 36KB)
  151. Festival of Light Australia (PDF 536KB)
  152. Ms Julie Pinkham (PDF 85KB)
  153. Mr Gavin & Mrs Tomoko Kelly (PDF 44KB)
  154. Ms Wendy Woodman (PDF 308KB)
  155. Mr Glen & Mrs Karen Lohman (PDF 36KB)
  156. Mr David & Mrs Deanna Elvery (PDF 148KB)
  157. Ms Glenys Gayfer & Mrs Marilyn Nagesh (PDF 151KB)
  158. Mr Tim & Mrs Catherine Bennett (PDF 30KB)
  159. Ms Lyndell McKinley (PDF 115KB)
  160. Expectant Parents Group of Canberra and Regional NSW (PDF 377KB)
  161. Australian Society for Intercountry Adopted Children Victoria Inc and others (PDF 239KB)
  162. Ms Rachel Griffiths & Mr Bevin Meads (PDF 124KB)
  163. Name suppressed (PDF 63KB)
  164. Mr Anthony Beasley (PDF 55KB)
  165. Mr Andrew & Mrs Petrina Tuppen (PDF 536KB)
  166. Mr Ian & Mrs Leah Chambers (PDF 536KB)
  167. Ms Heather Porter (PDF 27KB)
  168. Mr Byron & Mrs Rebecca Hera-Singh (PDF 26KB)
  169. Ms Jeanette O'Hagan (PDF 34KB)
  170. Ms Kim Kapeleris (PDF 40KB)
  171. Mr Phillip & Mrs Janelle Johnson (PDF 26KB)
  172. Name suppressed (PDF 387KB)
  173. Name suppressed (PDF 95KB)
  174. Adoptions International of Western Australia Inc. (PDF 1341KB)
  175. Name suppressed (PDF 104KB)
  176. NSW Government - Minister for Community Services and Minister for Youth (PDF 380KB)
  177. Ms Kerri Weeks (PDF 111KB)
  178. Mr Shane Dale (PDF 124KB)
  179. Ms Rebecca Culleton (PDF 124KB)
  180. Ms Florence Brown (PDF 124KB)
  181. Mr Bryan Emerson (PDF 128KB)
  182. Mr Joseph Conway (PDF 126KB)
  183. Supplementary to submission 173
    Adoptions International of Western Australia Inc. (PDF 69KB)
  184. WA Government - Department of Community Development (PDF 680KB)

  185. WA Government - Department of Community Development - Attachment A (PDF 638KB)

  186. Name suppressed (PDF 123KB)
  187. Ms June Smith (PDF 477KB)
  188. Senator the Hon Kay Patterson, Minister for Family and Community Services (PDF 186KB)
  189. Supplementary to submission 80:
    Hon Philip Ruddock MP, Attorney-General (PDF 1806KB)
  190. Supplementary to submission 33,136:
    Mr Rob Cornhill (PDF 138KB)
  191. Mrs Trudy Rosenwald (PDF 868KB)
  192. Ms Alison Verghese (PDF 54KB)
  193. Mr Ken Fenwick (PDF 342KB)
  194. Supplementary to submission 143:
    Name suppressed (PDF 258KB)
  195. Supplementary to submission 190:
    Ms Alison Verghese (PDF 41KB)
  196. Supplementary to submissions 80 and 187:
    Hon Philip Ruddock MP, Attorney-General (PDF 990KB)
  197. Mrs Lyn Kinghorn (PDF 208KB)
  198. Ms Elizabeth Edwards (PDF 577KB)
  199. Origins Vic Inc. (PDF 810KB)
  200. Mr Shane & Mrs Michelle Ryan (PDF 990KB)
  201. Supplementary to submission 41:
    Mr Jeff & Mrs Rianne Muller (PDF 121KB)
  202. ACT Government - Minister for Children, Youth & Family (PDF 1372KB)
  203. Ms Lois Younger (PDF 121KB)
  204. Jo Prego (PDF 121KB)
  205. Confidential
  206. Queensland Government - Minister for Child Safety (PDF 219KB)

  207. Queensland Government - Minister for Child Safety - Attachment A (PDF 304KB)

  208. Australian Government - Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (PDF 250KB)
  209. Victorian Government (PDF 785KB)
  210. Name suppressed (PDF 140KB)
  211. Mrs Kim Boswall (PDF 219KB)
  212. Supplementary to submission 75:
    Queensland Taiwan Support Group (PDF 695KB)
  213. Tasmanian Government (PDF 219KB)
  214. Association Representing Mothers Separated from their Children by Adoption (SA) Inc. (PDF 264KB)
  215. Confidential
  216. Mr Stephen Lilley (PDF 167KB)
  217. Ms Jackie Kerr Daly (PDF 144KB)
  218. Mr David Johnston-Bell (PDF 34KB)
  219. Australian Coalition for Equality (PDF 116KB)
  220. Dr Lincoln Hayes (PDF 149KB)
  221. Confidential
  222. Intercountry Adoption Resource Network (PDF 259KB)
  223. Han-Ho Kids' Club Inc (PDF 334KB)
  224. Supplementary to submission 48:
    Name suppressed (PDF 66KB)
  225. Supplementary to submissions 13,48,221:
    Name suppressed (PDF 67KB)
  226. Name suppressed (PDF 197KB)
  227. Mr Denis Moriarty (PDF 89KB)
  228. Mr Graeme Moffatt (PDF 191KB)
  229. Supplementary to submissions 33, 136 and 188:
    Mr Rob & Mrs Noline Cornhill (PDF 319KB)
  230. Ms Leanne Clark (PDF 52KB)
  231. Confidential
  232. Mr Benjamin Faint (PDF 68KB)
  233. Ms Susan Lomman (PDF 185KB)
  234. Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (NSW) Inc. (PDF 94KB)
  235. Confidential
  236. Supplementary to submissions 17 and 26:
    Australian Families for Children Inc. (PDF 79KB)
  237. Inter-Country Adoptee Support Network (PDF 279KB)
  238. Name suppressed (PDF 246KB)
  239. Supplementary to submission 93:
    Accepting Children Everywhere (PDF 317KB)
  240. Confidential
  241. Confidential
  242. Confidential
  243. Confidential
  244. Supplementary to submissions 17, 26 and 233:
    Australian Families for Children Inc. (PDF 118KB)
  245. Supplementary to submission 235:
    Name suppressed (PDF 55KB)
  246. Supplementary to submission 94:
    Australian Society for Intercountry Aid for Children (NSW) Inc. (PDF 723KB)
  247. Confidential
  248. Government of South Australia (PDF 918KB)

  249. Government of South Australia - Attachment A (PDF 384KB)
    Government of South Australia - Attachment B (PDF 245KB)

  250. Supplementary to submissions 117 and 137:
    Ms Lynette Ross (PDF 578KB)
  251. Supplementary to submissions 80,187,194:
    Attorney General's Department (PDF 374KB)
  252. Confidential
  253. Supplementary to submissions 80,187,194,247:
    Attorney General's Department (PDF 369KB)
  254. Supplementary to submissions 80,187,194,247,249:
    Attorney General's Department (PDF 230KB)
  255. Supplementary to submissions 80,187,194,247,249,250:
    Attorney General's Department (PDF 636KB)
  256. Professor Pascale Quester (PDF 244KB)
  257. Jigsaw Post-adoption Centre (PDF 217KB)
  258. Confidential
  259. Confidential
  260. Confidential
  261. Supplementary to submission 211:
    Association Representing Mothers Separated from their Children by Adoption (SA) Inc. (PDF 440KB)
  262. Supplementary to submission 132:
    World Families Australia Inc. (PDF 71KB)
  263. Supplementary to submissions 80,187,194,247,249,250,251:
    Attorney General's Department (PDF 1349KB)
  264. Supplementary to submission 100:
    Australian African Childrens Aid Support Association (PDF 348KB)
  265. Supplementary to submission 197:
    Origins (PDF 385KB)
  266. Supplementary to submissions 80,187,194,247,249,250,251,259:
    Attorney General's Department (PDF 738KB)
  267. Victorian Government (PDF 225KB)
  268. Confidential
  269. Confidential
  270. Ms Jan Williamson (PDF 95KB)
  271. Confidential
  272. Confidential
  273. Name Withheld (PDF 59KB)
  274. Name Withheld (PDF 173KB)
  275. Confidential
  276. Confidential
  277. Name Withheld (PDF 25KB)
  278. Confidential
  279. Back to top

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