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Draft House Minutes

No. 12

Friday, 23 September 2022

- 8:00:20 AM

 1The House met at 8 amThe Speaker (the Honourable M. Dick) took the Chair, made an acknowledgement of country and read Prayers.

- 8:01:23 AM

Mr Burke (Leader of the House)sought leave to move a motion. Leave granted.

- 8:01:36 AM


Mr Burke (Leader of the House), by leave, moved—That so much of the standing and sessional orders be suspended as would prevent the following:

(1) The arrangement of business for this sitting being as follows:

(a) the Leader of the House presenting the revised program of sittings for 2022 and moving that it be agreed to, with the question being put immediately without debate;

(b) the Prime Minister moving an Address in connection with the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second and accession to the throne of His Majesty King Charles the Third, and the Leader of the Opposition seconding the motion;

(i) the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition each having 15 minutes to speak;

(ii) the Deputy Prime Minister and the Leader of the Nationals each having 10 minutes to speak to the Address;

(iii) the Speaker then inviting Members to signify their respect and sympathy by rising in their places;

(iv) debate on the Address continuing, with other Members having up to 5 minutes each to speak; and

(v) when the Address is agreed to, the House being immediately adjourned as a mark of respect;

(c) if any Member draws the attention of the Speaker to the state of the House, the Speaker shall announce that he will count the House at 12 noon on Monday, 26 September 2022; and

(d) standing order 47 and standing order 121 being suspended for this sitting;

(2) that the determinations of the Selection Committee for private Members’ business on Monday, 12 September 2022 apply for Monday, 26 September 2022; and

(3) any variation to this arrangement to be made only by a motion moved by a Minister.

- 8:01:49 AM

Question—put and passed.

- 8:01:54 AM


Mr Burke (Leader of the House) presented the following document:

2022 Proposed Spring Parliamentary sitting pattern.

- 8:02:00 AM

Mr Burke moved—That the program of sittings for 2022 be agreed to.

- 8:02:08 AM

Question—put and passed.

- 8:02:22 AM

Distinguished visitor announced.

- 8:02:40 AM

 4Death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II—Accession of His Majesty King Charles III

In accordance with the resolution agreed to earlier this sitting—

Mr Albanese (Prime Minister) referred to the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the accession to the throne of His Majesty King Charles III, and moved—That an address to His Majesty King Charles III in the following terms be agreed to:


We, the members of the House of Representatives in the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, express our deep sympathy with Your Majesty and members of the Royal Family for the great loss sustained in the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, our late Sovereign. 

On behalf of the Australian people, we pay tribute to and acknowledge Her late Majesty’s exceptional life of dedication to duty and commitment to Australia and the Commonwealth. 

We extend our congratulations to Your Majesty on your accession to the throne. 

We express our respect for Your Majesty and pledge to work to achieve peace and prosperity for Australia and the Commonwealth.

Mr Dutton 8:18:45 AM. Mr Marles 8:32:58 AM. Mr Littleproud 8:43:06 AM.
- 8:53:48 AM

Mr Dutton (Leader of the Opposition) seconded the motion, and Mr Marles (Deputy Prime Minister) and Mr Littleproud (Leader of the Nationals) addressed the House in support thereof.

All Members present having signified their respect and sympathy by rising in their places

- 8:54:22 AM

Members addressed the House in support thereof.

Mr Burke 8:54:24 AM. Ms Ley 8:57:27 AM. Ms Burney 9:02:43 AM. Mr Bandt 9:08:16 AM. Mr Keogh 9:13:12 AM. Mr Wallace 9:18:08 AM. Mr Burns 9:23:37 AM. Mr Wood 9:28:36 AM. Mr Clare 9:33:10 AM. Mrs McIntosh 9:37:18 AM. Mr Gosling 9:42:28 AM. Mr van Manen 9:47:39 AM. Ms Stanley 9:52:48 AM. Mr Pasin 9:56:36 AM. Ms M. M. H. King 10:01:31 AM. Mr Pitt 10:06:00 AM. Mr Hill 10:11:02 AM. Mr Coulton 10:15:32 AM. Mr Thistlethwaite 10:19:54 AM. Mr Leeser 10:24:58 AM. Ms Thwaites 10:30:09 AM. Mr Morrison 10:33:28 AM. Ms Collins 10:38:30 AM. Mr Tudge 10:43:47 AM. Ms Payne 10:48:49 AM. Mr Ted O’Brien 10:53:28 AM. Mr Husic 10:58:35 AM. Mrs Archer 11:03:04 AM. Mr Burnell 11:07:51 AM. Mrs Andrews 11:10:08 AM. Ms Plibersek 11:15:46 AM. Ms Landry 11:20:32 AM. Mrs Elliot 11:24:55 AM. Mr Hamilton 11:29:55 AM. Ms Rishworth 11:34:48 AM. Mr Hawke 11:39:59 AM. Mrs Phillips 11:44:47 AM. Mr Hastie 11:49:49 AM. Mr Shorten 11:53:01 AM. Mr Gee 11:58:50 AM. Mr Neumann 12:04:16 PM. Mr Tehan 12:09:34 PM. Mr Gorman 12:14:41 PM. Mr Conaghan 12:19:28 PM. Ms Claydon 12:24:26 PM. Mr McCormack 12:29:47 PM. Dr Aly 12:35:00 PM. Mr Taylor 12:39:31 PM. Mr R Mitchell 12:43:59 PM. Ms Spender 12:48:04 PM. Ms Rowland 12:52:01 PM. Mr Pike 12:55:39 PM. Ms Swanson 1:00:21 PM. Ms Sharkie 1:05:36 PM. Ms O’Neil 1:10:08 PM. Ms Ware 1:15:10 PM. Mr B Mitchell 1:19:50 PM. Ms Daniel 1:24:30 PM. Mr Conroy 1:28:13 PM. Mr Thompson 1:32:51 PM. Mr Khalil 1:37:38 PM. Mr Birrell 1:42:25 PM. Mr Giles 1:47:05 PM. Mr Fletcher 1:50:27 PM. Ms Coker 1:55:29 PM. Dr Webster 2:00:07 PM. Ms J Ryan 2:04:49 PM. Mrs Marino 2:10:05 PM. Ms Templeman 2:14:48 PM. Mr Sukkar 2:19:57 PM. Mr Watts 2:25:10 PM. Dr Gillespie 2:30:18 PM. Ms Chesters 2:35:50 PM. Mr Willcox 2:40:49 PM. Mr Georganas 2:45:46 PM. Ms Bell 2:49:48 PM. Ms Roberts 2:54:13 PM. Mr Violi 2:59:22 PM. Ms Vamvakinou 3:04:13 PM. Mr Boyce 3:09:16 PM. Mr Zappia 3:13:37 PM. Mr Howarth 3:17:57 PM. Dr Mulino 3:23:12 PM. Ms Tink 3:28:09 PM. Ms C King 3:32:03 PM. Ms Chaney 3:35:54 PM. Ms McBain 3:40:14 PM. Mr Stevens 3:45:47 PM. Ms Fernando 3:50:51 PM. Dr M Ryan 3:53:57 PM. Mr Repacholi 3:58:58 PM. Ms Le 4:02:57 PM. Ms Mascarenhas 4:06:32 PM. Mr Coleman 4:11:16 PM. Ms Lawrence 4:14:13 PM. Mr Goodenough 4:17:41 PM. Mr Laxale 4:23:06 PM. Mr Buchholz 4:27:34 PM. Mr Jones 4:32:10 PM. Mr L O’Brien 4:36:52 PM. Dr Reid 4:41:09 PM. Dr Scamps 4:45:51 PM. Ms Byrnes 4:51:26 PM. Mr R Wilson 4:55:28 PM. Dr Leigh 4:58:43 PM. Mr Wolahan 5:03:39 PM. Ms Price 5:08:36 PM. Mr Pearce 5:13:52 PM. Dr Haines 5:18:58 PM.
- 5:24:06 PM

Motion agreed to.

- 5:24:10 PM


As a mark of respect to the memory of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, at 5.24 pmthe Speaker adjourned the House until 10 am on Monday, 26 September 2022, in accordance with the resolution agreed to earlier this sitting.

- 5:24:51 PM


 The following documents were deemed to have been presented on 23 September 2022 (An explanatory statement has been presented with each instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk)

 A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999—Child Care Subsidy Amendment (Coronavirus Response, Emergency Support and Other Measures) Minister’s Rules 2022 [F2022L01213].

Aged Care Act 1997—Aged Care (Subsidy, Fees and Payments) Amendment (September Indexation) Determination 2022 [F2022L01206].

Aged Care (Transitional Provisions) Act 1997

Aged Care (Transitional Provisions) Amendment (September Indexation) Principles 2022 [F2022L01204].

Aged Care (Transitional Provisions) (Subsidy and Other Measures) Amendment (September Indexation) Determination 2022 [F2022L01205].

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006—Anti-Money Laundering and 
Counter-Terrorism Financing Rules Amendment (Chapter 16 Amendments) Instrument 2022 [F2022L01211].

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Act 1998—Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (confidentiality) determination No. 3 of 2022 [F2022L01196].

Australian Research Council Act 2001Industry Fellowships Program (IFP) Grants Guidelines [F2022L01187].

Autonomous Sanctions Act 2011—Autonomous Sanctions Regulations 2011—

Autonomous Sanctions (Designated Persons and Entities and Declared PersonsRussia and Ukraine) Amendment (No. 19) Instrument 2022 [F2022L01229].

Autonomous Sanctions (Designated Persons and Entities and Declared PersonsRussia and Ukraine) Amendment (No. 20) Instrument 2022 [F2022L01231].

Aviation Transport Security Act 2004—Aviation Transport Security (Prohibited Items) Instrument 2022—LIN 22/078 [F2022L01198].

Biosecurity Act 2015

Biosecurity (First Point of EntryNorfolk Island Airport) Amendment (Period of Effect) Determination (No. 2) 2022 [F2022L01208].

Biosecurity (Preventative Biosecurity MeasuresIncoming International Flights) Repeal Determination 2022 [F2022L01180].

Biosecurity (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Act 2015—Biosecurity (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) (Extension of First Points of Entry Determinations) Amendment (Norfolk Island Airport) Instrument (No. 2) 2022 [F2022L01207].

Broadcasting Services Act 1992—Broadcasting Services (“Broadcasting Service” DefinitionExclusion) Determination 2022 [F2022L01200].

Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act 2011—Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming InitiativePlantation Forestry) Methodology Determination 2022 [F2022L00047]—Replacement explanatory statement.

Charter of the United Nations Act 1945—Charter of the United Nations (Listed Persons and Entities) Amendment (No. 2) Instrument 2022 [F2022L01210].

Civil Aviation Act 1988—Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998—

Amendment of CASA EX66/21 (Operator Proficiency Checks by Check Pilots) Instrument 2022—CASA EX62/22 [F2022L01201].

Amendment of CASA EX83/21 (Training or Checking for Safety Equipment or Emergency Equipment)Instrument 2022 (No. 1)—CASA EX75/22 [F2022L01225].

Pilot Certificates (Sport Aviation Bodies) Direction 2022—CASA 39/22 [F2022L01191].

Competition and Consumer Act 2010

Competition and Consumer Amendment (Consumer Data Right Measures No. 2) Regulations 2022 [F2022L01216].

Competition and Consumer (Industry CodePort Terminal Access (Bulk Wheat)) Amendment (Review) Regulations 2022 [F2022L01232].

Corporations Act 2001

ASIC Corporations (Amendment) Instrument 2022/719 [F2022L01185].

ASIC Market Integrity Rules (Securities Markets) Amendment 2022/73 [F2022L00292]—Replacement explanatory statement.

Criminal Code Act 1995—Criminal Code (Terrorist OrganisationIslamic State Somalia) Regulations 2022 [F2022L01215].

Defence Act 1903

Defence (Declared Explosive Ordnance Depots) Instrument 2022 [F2022L01209].

Determinations under section 58B—

Defence Determination (National day of mourningPublic holiday) Determination 2022 [F2022L01212].

Defence (Individual benefits) Determination 2022 (No. 5) [F2022L01218].

Woomera Prohibited Area Rule 2014—

2014 Determination of Exclusion Periods for the Green Zone for 16 October 2022 to 5 November 2022 [F2022L01228].

Determination of Exclusion Periods for the Green Zone for 22 October 2022 to 5 November 2022 [F2022L01226].

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999—List of Specimens taken to be Suitable for Live Import Amendment (Stomphastis thraustica) Instrument 2022 [F2022L01230].

Family Law Act 1975—Family Law (Superannuation) Regulations 2001—Family Law (Superannuation) (Methods and Factors for Valuing Particular Superannuation Interests) Amendment (No. 2) Approval 2022 [F2022L01227].

Federal Financial Relations Act 2009—Federal Financial Relations (General Purpose Financial Assistance2022-23 Payment No. 3) Determination 2022 [F2022L01223].

Fuel Tax Act 2006—Fuel Tax (Road User Charge) Determination 2022 [F2022L01192].

Health Insurance Act 1973

Health Insurance (Diagnostic Imaging Services Table) Amendment (Equipment Capital Sensitivity) Regulations 2022 [F2022L01220].

Health Insurance (Professional Services Review Scheme) Amendment (2022 Measures No. 4) Regulations 2022 [F2022L01214].

Health Insurance (Section 3C Diagnostic ImagingAdditional Nuclear Medicine Services) Amendment (Extension of Access) Determination 2022 [F2022L01219].

Higher Education Support Act 2003—Higher Education Provider Approvals (Nos 1 and 2 of 2021) Amendment Instrument 2022 [F2022L01190].

Lands Acquisition Act 1989—Statement under section 125—September 2022.

National Health Act 1953—National Health (Weighted average disclosed priceOctober 2022 reduction day) Amendment Determination 2022—PB 84 of 2022 [F2022L01186].

Norfolk Island Act 1979

Norfolk Island Applied Laws and Service Delivery (Queensland) Ordinance 2021—Norfolk Island Applied Laws and Service Delivery (Queensland) Amendment Rules 2022 [F2022L00076]—Replacement explanatory statement.

Norfolk Island Continued Laws Ordinance 2015—Norfolk Island Continued Laws Amendment (National Day of Mourning) Rules 2022 [F2022L01224].

Private Health Insurance (Complaints Levy) Act 1995—Private Health Insurance (Complaints Levy) Rules 2022 [F2022L01199].

Product Stewardship (Oil) Act 2000

Product Stewardship (Oil) Declaration 2022 [F2022L01221].

Product Stewardship (Oil) Regulations 2022 [F2022L01222].

Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013

Notice under section 72—Commonwealth acquired shares in WSA Co Limited—14 September 2022.

Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (Section 75 Transfers) Amendment Determination 2020-2021 (No. 9) [F2022L01195].

Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (Section 75 Transfers) Amendment Determination 2021-2022 (No. 7) [F2022L01197].

Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (Section 75 Transfers) Amendment Determination 2022-2023 (No. 2) [F2022L01193].

Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020—Recycling and Waste Reduction (Product StewardshipTelevisions and Computers) Amendment (Imported Products) Rules 2022 [F2022L01203].

Social Security Act 1991

Social Security (Australian Government Disaster Recovery PaymentNew South Wales floodsJuly 2022) Determination 2022 (No. 4) [F2022L01188].

Social Security (Exempt Lump SumBT Funds Management Limited Remediation Payments) Determination 2022 [F2022L01202].

Social Security (Administration) Act 1999—Social Security Regulations 2022 [F2022L01217].

Taxation Administration Act 1953

Commissioner of Taxation—Class Rulings

CR 2022/35 (Erratum).

CR 2022/80CR 2022/81CR 2022/82.

Taxation Administration Excluded Classes of Transactions and Entities for Third Party Reports on Shares and Units Determination 2022 [F2022L01194].

Therapeutic Goods Act 1989—Therapeutic Goods (Medical DevicesInformation that Must Accompany Application for Inclusion) Amendment (Singapore) Determination 2022 [F2022L01189].

- 5:24:58 PM


All Members attended (at some time during the sitting) except Mr BatesMr BowenMr Chandler-Mather Mr ChesterDr GarlandMr HoganMr JoyceMr KatterMs Murphy*Mr RaeMr RamseyMr RobertMs Watson-BrownMs Wells and Mr Young.

* On leave