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January 2020

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30 Jan 20
Inquiry Submission Closing Migration agents 2019
30 Jan 20
Inquiry Report Tabling Ag Streamlining Bill
30 Jan 20
Inquiry Submission Closing Traditional Owners 46P

Work of the Senate

Keep track of proceedings

The week ahead  Outlines business scheduled for the upcoming sitting week.
Senate business
(including the Notice Paper)
The official list of all business before the Senate, including upcoming business and other useful information.
Order of Business
(the Red)
A guide to the matters proposed to be dealt with each sitting day.
Dynamic Red Updated continuously during the sitting day, the Dynamic Red displays the results of proceedings as they happen. The original Dynamic Red is still available.
ParlWork Information about what is happening in the Senate and Senate estimates committees when in session, including access to bills, motions and documents.
Questions on notice Search the database for questions placed on notice and answers provided by ministers.
Orders for production of documents Information about orders for the production of documents, including a list of current orders and information about compliance.

Find information about past sittings

Senate Daily Summary
A convenient summary of each day's proceedings in the Senate, with links to source documents
Journals of the
The official record (minutes) of the Senate and the most authoritative source of information about activities and decisions
Hansard Edited transcripts of debates

Understand the processes

Standing orders and other orders of the Senate  The Senate's operating rules are contained in standing orders which govern the conduct of proceedings.
Procedural Information Bulletins The Bulletin provides a summary of major legislative highlights, and a commentary on the major procedural matters arising during the sitting period
Guides to Senate Procedure A series of information sheets aimed at those who need a practical understanding of the main procedures used in the Senate
Weekly routine of business A guide to the weekly order of the business in the Senate

Search all Senate documents