Private senators' bills

Order number Bill title Introduced or restored by Date introduced or restored
1Fair Work Amendment (Equal Pay for Equal Work) Bill 2022Senator RobertsRestored 27 July 2022
2Broadcasting Services Amendment (Audio Description) Bill 2019Senator Steele-JohnRestored 27 July 2022
4Customs Legislation Amendment (Commercial Greyhound Export and Import Prohibition) Bill 2021Senator FaruqiRestored 27 July 2022
6Electric Vehicles Accountability Bill 2021Senator RiceRestored 27 July 2022
7Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Save the Koala) Bill 2021Senator Hanson-YoungRestored 27 July 2022
8Federal Environment Watchdog Bill 2021Senator Hanson-YoungRestored 27 July 2022
9Landholders’ Right to Refuse (Gas and Coal) Bill 2015Senator WatersRestored 27 July 2022
10Live Performance Federal Insurance Guarantee Fund Bill 2021Senator Hanson-YoungRestored 27 July 2022
11Snowy Hydro Corporatisation Amendment (No New Fossil Fuels) Bill 2021 [No. 2]Senator WatersRestored 27 July 2022
12United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Bill 2022Senator ThorpeRestored 27 July 2022
13Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Regional Forest Agreements) Bill 2020Senator McKenzieRestored 28 July 2022
14Social Services Legislation Amendment (Enhancing Pensioner and Veteran Workforce Participation) Bill 2022Senator Dean Smith3 August 2022
15Australian Education Legislation Amendment (Prohibiting the Indoctrination of Children) Bill 2020Senator HansonRestored 3 August 2022
16Plebiscite (Future Migration Level) Bill 2018Senator HansonRestored 3 August 2022
19Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Amendment (Fight for Australia’s Coastline) Bill 2022Senator Whish-Wilson4 August 2022
23Environment and Other Legislation Amendment (Removing Nuclear Energy Prohibitions) Bill 2022Senators Canavan, Antic, Cadell, Colbeck, Fawcett, Nampijinpa Price, O’Sullivan, Rennick and Van28 September 2022
20Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Climate Trigger) Bill 2022 [No. 2]Senator Hanson-Young5 September 2022
21Parliamentary Privileges Amendment (Royal Commission Response) Bill 2022Senators Lambie and Tyrrell7 September 2022
24Customs Amendment (Banning Goods Produced By Forced Labour) Bill 2022Senator Steele-John22 November 2022
22National Energy Transition Authority Bill 2022Senator  Allman-Payne27 September 2022
25Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Banning Dirty Donations) Bill 2022Senator Waters24 November 2022
31 Electoral Legislation Amendment (Lowering the Voting Age) Bill 2023
Senator Steele-John8 February 2023
26COVID-19 Vaccination Status (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill 2022Senator Hanson29 November 2022
27Education and Other Legislation Amendment (Abolishing Indexation and Raising the Minimum Repayment Income for Education and Training Loans) Bill 2022Senator Faruqi30 November 2022
28Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2022Senators Canavan, Antic and Babet30 November 2022
30Northern Territory Safe Measures Bill 2023Senator Nampijinpa Price7 February 2023
32 Criminal Code Amendment (Inciting Illegal Disruptive Activities) Bill 2023
Senator Antic8 February 2023
33 Fair Work Amendment (Prohibiting COVID-19 Vaccine Discrimination) Bill 2023
Senators Canavan, Antic and Rennick8 February 2023
34Governor-General Amendment (Cessation of Allowances in the Public Interest) Bill 2023Senator Shoebridge6 March 2023
35Improving Access to Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2023Senator Hanson9 March 2023
36Ending Native Forest Logging Bill 2023Senator Rice9 March 2023
37Productivity Commission Amendment (Electricity Reporting) Bill 2023Senator Duniam22 March 2023
38Criminal Code Amendment (Prohibition of Nazi Symbols) Bill 2023Senator Cash23 March 2023
39Fair Work Amendment (Right to Disconnect) Bill 2023Senator Barbara Pocock27 March 2023
40Digital Assets (Market Regulation) Bill 2023Senator Bragg29 March 2023
42Defence Capability Assurance and Oversight Bill 2023Senator Fawcett10 May 2023
41Ending Poverty in Australia (Antipoverty Commission) Bill 2023Senator Rice30 March 2023