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These minutes are a draft record of the proceedings of the Federation Chamber as they occur, and are subject to revision. The official record of proceedings is the Votes and Proceedings

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Draft Federation Chamber Minutes

No. 129

Thursday, 24 June 2021

- 10:00:49 AM

 1The Federation Chamber met at 10 am.

- 10:00:58 AM


Members’ constituency statements being made—

Ms Payne 10:01:06 AM. Mr Simmonds 10:04:02 AM. Ms Owens 10:07:06 AM. Mrs Archer 10:10:12 AM. Dr Aly 10:13:06 AM.
- 10:16:00 AM


Dr Aly, by leave, presented the following document:

Clive Palmer COVID-19 vaccine flyer.

- 10:16:01 AM

Members’ constituency statements continued.

Mr Fletcher 10:16:20 AM. Ms Wells 10:19:24 AM. Mr Thompson 10:22:25 AM. Ms Coker 10:25:17 AM. Mr Hogan 10:27:17 AM. Mr Khalil 10:30:23 AM. Mr Stevens 10:33:02 AM. Mr Keogh 10:36:05 AM. Mr Goodenough 10:39:06 AM. Ms Steggall 10:42:08 AM. Mr Wallace 10:45:13 AM. Mr Hill 10:48:08 AM. Dr Webster 10:52:55 AM. Mr Husic 10:56:00 AM. Dr Gillespie 10:59:05 AM. Mr Jones 11:02:06 AM. Mr Laming 11:05:15 AM. Ms Kearney 11:08:02 AM. Ms Landry 11:11:11 AM. Mr R. G. Mitchell 11:13:55 AM. Mr Ramsey 11:17:04 AM. Mr Gosling 11:20:08 AM. Mr Gee 11:23:12 AM.
- 11:25:06 AM

Suspension of meeting

At 11.25 am, a division having been called in the House, the proceedings were suspended.

- 11:44:47 AM

Resumption of meeting

At 11.44 am, the proceedings were resumed.

- 11:44:54 AM

 3Death of Duncan Pegg—STATEMENTS

In accordance with the resolution agreed to earlier this sitting (see item No. 2, Votes and Proceedings), further statements were made.

Mr Perrett 11:44:59 AM. Mr Dick 11:52:06 AM. Ms Wells 11:58:06 AM.
- 12:00:26 PM


The Deputy Speaker proposed the question—That the Federation Chamber do now adjourn.

Debate ensued.

Ms Templeman 12:00:38 PM. Mr Simmonds 12:05:22 PM. Ms Steggall 12:10:22 PM. Mr Pasin 12:15:27 PM. Mr Thistlethwaite 12:20:31 PM. Mr Ramsey 12:25:40 PM. Mr Husic 12:30:33 PM.
- 12:35:10 PM

Suspension of meeting

At 12.35 pm, a division having been called in the House, the proceedings were suspended.

- 12:53:16 PM

Resumption of meeting

At 12.53 pm, the proceedings were resumed.

- 12:53:21 PM

Debate continued.

Mr Husic (in continuation),  12:53:25 PM. Mr Sharma 12:54:05 PM. Mr Jones 12:59:10 PM.
- 1:00:00 PM

Question—put and passed.

At 1 pm, the Deputy Speaker adjourned the Federation Chamber until 4 pm  on Tuesday, 3 August 2021.