Inquiry into Poverty and Financial Hardship

Inquiry into Poverty and Financial Hardship


Submissions which have a document link after the name of the submission may be accessed directly. Further information may be obtained from the Secretariat:
Phone: (02) 6277 3515 Fax: (02) 6277 5829

1 Mendes, Dr Philip (VIC) (Word format)
2 Hemlof, Mr Loris Erik Kent (SA) (Word format)
3 Martin, Mr Dennis (SA)
4 Venner, Mr Ross (NSW) (Word format)
5 Costello, Mr Nick (VIC) (Word format) Att 1 (Word Format)
6 Cox, Mr David (NSW)
7 Wilson, Ms Margaret (NSW)
8 Hill, Mr George (NSW)
9 Murphy, Mr Raymond (NSW)
10 Williams, Mrs M (SA)
11 Schilling, Mr Ashton (SA)
12 Needham, P R (TAS)
13 Barnett, Mr Michael (SA)
14 Whitfield, Mr Keith (NSW)

Catholic Women's League (Tasmania) Inc (TAS) (Word format)
Supplementary information

  • Competing family models, competing social policies, Dr Catherine Hakim, AIFS conference 12 March 2003 provided at hearing 2.5.03

16 Bollard, Mr Ian (WA)
17 Underemployed People's Union WA Inc (WA) (Word format)
18 Anonymous (VIC)
19 Preston Reservoir Progress Association (VIC) (Word format)
20 Southlakes Refuge (NSW) (Word format)
21 Newcastle Welfare Rights Information Service Inc (NSW) (Word Format)
22 Cooranbong Community Services Centre (NSW)
23 Balaam, Mr Kevin (VIC) (Word format)
24 Aboriginal Corporation for Homeless and Rehabilitation Community Services (NSW)
25 Anonymous (VIC)
26 Any, Ms Ruth (NSW)
27 National Council of Women of Australia Inc (ACT) (Word format)
28 Australian National Organisation of the Unemployed (QLD) (Word format) (Word format Att1) (Word format Att2) (PDF format Att3) (PDF format Att4) (Excel Att5)

Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW (NSW) (Word format)
Supplementary information

> Additional information following hearing, dated 5.9.03

30 Jesuit Social Services (VIC) (PDF format)
31 Anonymous (NSW)
32 Tasmanian Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (TAS) (Word format)
33 Carers Australia (ACT) (Word format)
34 Brons, Mr Ron (VIC)
35 Springvale Benevolent Society Inc (VIC)
36 Winton Shire Council (QLD)
37 Lutheran Community Care (SA)
38 Maynard, Ms Jacqui (NSW)
39 Country Women's Association of New South Wales (NSW) (Word format)
40 Newcastle Family Support Services (NSW) (Word format)
41 Dianella Community Health Inc (VIC) (Word format)
42 Catholic Women's League Australia Inc (ACT) (Word format)
43 Dandenong and District Benevolent Society (VIC) (Word format)
44 National Council of the St Vincent de Paul Society (NSW) (Word format)
45 Centre for Independent Studies (NSW) (Word format)
Supplementary information

> Summary of opening statement provided at hearing 27.5.03


South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) (SA) (Word format)
Supplementary information

> Summary on Social Disadvantage in South Australia, April 2001 provided at hearing 29.4.03

> Social Disadvantage in South Australia Report, April 2001 provided following the hearing 29.4.03


Chelsea Neighbourhood House Inc (VIC) (Word format)
Supplementary information
Provided at hearing 1.5.03

  • 2001 Annual Report and information
  • Striking a Balance, The Impact of Gaming in the City of Kingston, July 2002
  • City of Kingston Health Data Profile, February 2001
  • City of Kingston Strategic Public Health Plan 2002-2005
48 Knox Community Care (VIC) (Word format)
49 No submission
50 Shop Distributive & Allied Employees' Association (VIC) (Word format)
51 Women's Action Alliance (SA) (Word format)
Supplementary information

Letter to SA Minister for Health re HECS debt, 20.2.03 provided at hearing 27.5.03

52 Mid North Primary Health Care Committee (SA)
53 North Queensland Branch of Queensland Shelter (QLD)
Supplementary information

Supplement to submission presented at hearing 6.8.07

54 Johnston, Mrs G (NSW)
55 Barrett, Mrs Sandra; Fisher, Mrs Alice and Arendse, Mrs Yvonne (VIC)
56 Australian Baha'i Community (ACT) (Word format)
57 Australian Federation of Homelessness Organisations (ACT) (Word format)
Supplementary information

Paper on AFHO position for CSHA negotiations, June 2002 (PDF format)

58 Country Women's Association of Victoria Inc (VIC) (Word format)
59 Shelter South Australia (SA) (Word format)
Supplementary information
  • >Rebuilding the Australian Dream, National Shelter Policy Platform -2003, April 2003 provided at hearing 29.4.03
60 Australian Family Association (VIC) (Word format)
61 Cranbourne Information & Support Service (VIC) (Word format)
62 Fairfield Migrant Resource Centre (NSW) (Word format)
Supplementary information

> Copy of sub to Senate EWRE Committee inquiry into current and future skills needs provided at hearing 28.5.03

63 Laverton Community Centre & Neighbourhood House Inc (VIC) (Word format)
Supplementary information
  • Housing, income and other statistical data for local area provided at hearing 1.5.03
64 University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Students Association (NSW) (Word format)
65 Dobson, Ms Jo (NSW)
66 Wilson, Mr Peter (VIC)
67 Dixon, Ms Barbara (NSW)
68 The Australia Institute (ACT) (PDF format)
69 Victorian Government (VIC) (Word format)
70 Barnardos Australia (NSW) (PDF format)
71 Serr, Dr Klaus (VIC) (Word format)
72 Mason, Mr George (NSW)
73 Bishops' Committee for Justice, Development, Ecology & Peace and Australian Catholic Social Justice Council
74 Roberts, Ms Tania (NSW)
75 Fairfield Community Aid (NSW)
76 Unemployed Persons Advocacy (UNEMPA) (QLD)
Supplementary information

> Evidence provided at hearing 4.8.03

> Additional information following hearing , dated 27.8.03

77 Melbourne Citymission (VIC) (Word format)
78 Sisters Inside (QLD) (Word format)
79 Congues, Mr Ron (VIC) (Word format)
80 Chandler, Mrs Val (SA)
81 Kobylinski, Ms Sherry (NSW)
82 Bennett, Mr K (NSW)
83 Wilson, Ms Pamela (NSW)
84 Blackwood, D J (NSW)
85 Hommel, Ms Christine (NSW)
86 Australian Federation of Aids Organisations (NSW) (Word format)
87 Blind Citizens Australia (VIC) (Word format)
88 Coalition of Aboriginal Legal Services NSW (COALS) (NSW) (Word format)
89 Anglicare Victoria (VIC) (Word format)
90 MAXNetWork Pty Ltd (Word format)
91 Romeril, Ms Barbara (VIC) (PDF format)
Supplementary information
Provided at hearing 1.5.03
  • Powerless in a Privatised State: The impact of privatisation on domestic electricity disconnections Victoria 1985 to 1997, Barbara Romeril, Financial and Consumer Rights Council, 1998
  • An Unfair Deal: A consumer audit of the electricity, gas and water industry reforms, Beverley Kliger, Financial and Consumer Rights Council, 1998
92 Anglicare Tasmania (TAS) (Word format)
93 Lismore Women's & Children's Refuge Inc (NSW) (PDF format)
94 Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) (VIC) (Word format)
Supplementary information
  • Minimum Wages Case 2003, ACTU Witness Statements, 5 February 2003 provided at hearing 30.4.03
  • Response to a question following the hearing 30 April 2003, dated 1.5.03
95 Saunders, Professor Peter (NSW) (PDF format)
96 The Salvation Army Newcastle Community Services Centre (Word format)
97 Ford, The Hon Jonathan MLC (WA)
98 Brotherhood of St Laurence (VIC) (Word format)
99 Financial & Consumer Rights Council Victoria (VIC) (Word format)
100 Sunshine Coast Regional Housing Council (QLD) (Word format)
101 National Council of Single Mothers and Their Children (SA) (Word format)
102 Shelter New South Wales (NSW) (Word format)
103 University of South Australia Students Association (SA) (PDF format)
104 UnitingCare Centre for Social Justice (QLD) (Word format)
Supplementary information

> in the too hard basket: Responding to vulnerable children and teenagers, and their families in the western corridor region of south east Queensland, Final report of research partnership, 2003

> Benefit comparisons from Lifeline Darling Downs and SW Qld

105 Energy Action Group (VIC) (Word format) (PDF format Att1) (Word format Att2) (Word format Att3) (PDF format Att4)
Supplementary information
Provided at hearing 1.5.03
  • From Universal Service to No Service? The Redlining of Vulnerable Electricity Customers in Victoria, Andrea Sharam, 2001
  • Paying Too Much! Redlining, Economic Discrimination and Essential Services, 2002
106 Office of the Commissioner for Children (TAS) (Word format)
107 Community Housing and Employment Co-op (CHEC) (NSW) (Word format)
108 Australian Education Union (VIC)
Supplementary information
Provided following the hearing 30.4.03

Towards a National Plan for Preschool Education A discussion paper by Michaela Kronemann, December 1998

Scrounging to meet the Shortfall Fees, fundraising and sponsorship in Government school, Michael Howard and Jane Coulter, 1995

109 Child & Family Welfare Association of Australia Inc (NSW) (Word format)
Supplementary information
Provided at hearing 26.5.03

>A Time to Invest in Australias most disadvantaged children, young people, and their families, Policy Paper, August 2002

> Opening presentation

110 Darebin City Council (VIC) (PDF format)
111 Casey North Community Information & Support Service Inc (VIC) (Word format)
112 Australian Association of Social Workers (ACT) (Word format)
113 Financial Counsellors' Association of NSW Inc (FCAN) (Word format)
114 Coles, Mrs Carmel (VIC)
115 Brent, Ms Yvonne (NSW)
116 Dawes, Mr Kevin (NSW)
117 Catholic Social Services Victoria (VIC) (Word format)
Supplementary information
  • Surviving, not living: Disadvantage in Melbourne, August 2001 provided at hearing 30.4.03
118 Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) (VIC) (PDF format)
119 Fairfield City Council (NSW) (Word format)
Supplementary information

Profile of Fairfield City provided at hearing 28.5.03

120 Australian Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers' Union (NSW) (Word format)
121 Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (VIC) (Word format)
122 Clarke, Ms Margaret (NSW) (Word format)
123 Casey Carinia Legal Service Inc (VIC)
124 Welfare Rights Unit (VIC) (Word format)
125 SANE Australia (VIC) (PDF format)
126 Australian Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers' Union (WA) (Word format)
Supplementary information

Response to a question following hearing 28.7.03, dated 11.8.03

127 Student Association Inc - University of Tasmania (TAS) (Word format)
128 National Association of Community Based Children's Services (VIC) (Word format)
129 Queensland Government (QLD) (Word format)
130 National Union of Students Inc (VIC) (PDF format)
131 Hunter Council of Social Services (NSW) (Word format)
Supplementary information

Case studies provided at hearing 29.5.03

132 Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Brisbane (QLD) (Word format)
133 UnitingCare and UnitingJustice Australia (ACT) (Word format)
Supplementary information
Provided at hearing 20.6.03

Because Children Matter: Making a case for addressing child poverty in Australia, UnitingCare Burnside, June 2003 and copy of opening statement
Provided following public hearing 20.6.03

Article: Asking the right questions of disadvantaged and homeless communities: the role of housing, patterns of illness and reporting behaviours in the measurement of health status, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 2001 Vol.25 No.4 (PDF format)

Article: Soup Kitchen Consumer Perspectives on the Quality and Frequency of Health Service Interactions, Dr L Trevena (Word format)

134 The Centre for Public Policy (VIC) (PDF format)
135 The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory (NSW) (Word format)
136 UnitingCare-Sunshine Mission (VIC) (Word format) (Word format Att1)
137 Coolum Youth and Community Association (QLD) (Word format)
138 Knox City Council - Family Support and Community Education Service (VIC) (Word format)
Supplementary information
  • >Impact of increased cost of services on local communities provided following the hearing 1 May 2003, dated 11.6.03
139 Australian Federation of Deaf Societies (NSW) (Word format) (Excel Att1)
140 Wood, Dr Beverley (VIC) (Word format) (Word format Att1)
141 Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (NSW) (Word format)
142 Holroyd City Council (NSW) (Word format)
143 NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS) (NSW) (Word format)
144 Tenants Union of Victoria (VIC) (Word format)
145 Willis, Ms Judith (VIC) (Word format)
146 Canterbury/Bankstown Migrant Resource Centre (NSW) (Word format)
147 Student Representative Council - Southern Cross University (NSW) (Word format)
Supplementary information

> Notes for opening statement provided at hearing 1.7.03

148 Catholic Welfare Australia (ACT) (Word format)
149 Samaritans Foundation (NSW) (Word format)
150 Transport Workers' Union (VIC) (Word format)
151 Bishop's Commission for Justice, Development and Peace - Catholic Diocese of Armidale (NSW) (Word format)
152 Melbourne University Student Union Inc (VIC) (PDF format)
153 Immigrant Women's Speakout Association NSW Inc (NSW) (Word format) (Excel Att1)
154 Noosa Shire Council (QLD) (Word format)
155 Angus, Ms Suzanne (WA)
156 Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (NSW) (Word format)
Supplementary information
  • Corrections to written submission and opening presentation re casualisation, 26.5.03
  • Response to a question following the hearing 26 May 2003, dated 27.5.03
157 Reliable Parents Inc (WA) (Word format)
158 Disability Action Inc (SA) (Word format)
Supplementary information
  • Corrections to written submission and opening presentation re casualisation, 26.5.03
  • Response to a question following the hearing 26 May 2003, dated 27.5.03
159 Un(der) Employed People's Movement Against Poverty Inc (SA) (Word format)
160 Queensland Council of Social Services Inc (QCOSS) (QLD) (PDF format)
161 Cock, Mr Bruce (VIC)
162 Hayler, Louis Miles (WA)
163 Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) (NSW) (PDF format)
Supplementary information

Response to question following hearing 20.6.03, dated 1.7.03

164 Lone Fathers' Association Australia Inc (ACT) (Word format)
Supplementary information

Correspondence concerning GST issues dated 18.3.02 and 5.12.02

165 Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services (ACT) (PDF format) (PDF format Att1)
Supplementary information

Response to questions following hearing 20.6.03, dated 13.8.03 (Word format)

166 The Salvation Army - Australia Southern Territory (VIC) (Word format)
167 Powell, Ms Vicki-Leigh (QLD) (Word format)
168 Senior Citizens, Invalid & Old Age Pensioners - Morisset Branch (NSW)
169 Mission Australia (NSW) (Word format) (Word format Att1)
170 Colley, Cr June (QLD) (Word format)
171 Southern Peninsula Community Support & Information Centre (VIC) (Word format)
172 The Smith Family (NSW) (PDF format)
Supplementary information

> Opening presentation by >Dr> Rob Simons, provided at hearing 27.5.03

173 Trafford, Mr Geoff (NSW)
174 Higgins, Mr Paul (NSW)
175 Australian Nursing Federation (NSW) (PDF format)
176 TasCOSS (TAS) (Word format)
177 Blackburne, Mr Burt (VIC) (Word format)
178 National Tertiary Education Industry Union (VIC) (Word format)
179 Salvation Army Noosa Shire Accommodation Service (QLD) (Word format)
180 Tasmanian Poverty Coalition (TAS) (Word format)
181 Men's Confraternity Incorporated (WA)
182 Consumers' Federation of Australia and CARE Financial Counselling Service (ACT) (Word format) (Word format Att1) (Word format Att2)
Supplementary information

> Correspondence with ABA re Basic Bank Account, April 2003, and diagrammatic view of competition and its relationship to social policy provided at hearing 20.6.03

183 Western Australian Council of Social Service Inc (WACOSS) (WA) (Word format) (Word format Att1)
Supplementary information
Provided at hearing 28.7.03

> Meeting Youth Housing Needs in Broome through Collaborative Practice, Consultants report on stage 1, Shelter WA, March 2003

>A Profile of Households Experiencing Homelessness in Western Australia, Shelter WA, June 2003

> Rebuilding the Australian Dream, National Shelter Policy Platform -2003, Background Information

> Supplementary submission, July 2003 (Word format)

Provided following public hearing 28.7.03

Response to a question on notice following public hearing 28.7.03, dated 1.8.03

184 COTA National Seniors Partnership (VIC) (Word format)
185 Tasmanian Government (TAS) (Word format)
186 Wiles, Dr David (WA) (Word format)
187 South Australian Government (SA) (Word format)
188 Physical Disability Council of Australia (QLD) (PDF format)
Supplementary information
Provided at hearing 4.8.03

> PDCA supplementary response, June 2003

> Towards a disability allowance: Offsetting the costs of disability, July 2001

> Additional cost of living due to a physical disability, questionnaire

189 Sharpe, Ms Janice (NSW)
190 Booth MHA, Mr Kim (TAS) (PDF format) (PDF format Att1) (PDF format Att2)
191 Newcastle City Council (NSW) (Word format)
192 Youth Commitment - Northern Sunshine Coast (QLD) (Word format)
193 L'Estrange, Mr Marcus (VIC) (Word format)
194 Roberts MP, Ms Elisa (QLD) (Word format)
195 Brohier, Mr Peter (VIC) (Word format) (Word format Att1)
Supplementary information

Additional information, dated 26.7.03 (Word format); 30.7.03 (Word format); 6.8.03; 3.9.03 and 14.10.03

196 Darebin Community Legal Centre and the Advocacy Program for Women in Prison (VIC) (Word format)
197 St Vincent De Paul - Newcastle North Regional Council
198 Sowton, Mr Adrian
199 ACT Government (ACT) (PDF format)
Supplementary information

> Four reports on Addressing disadvantage in the ACT, 2003, and copy of overheads used in opening presentation provided at hearing 19.6.03

200 Eastlakes Christian Life Centre (NSW)
201 Centre of Full Employment and Equity (NSW) (PDF format)
202 Jenkins, Mr Desmond (NSW)
203 St Vincent de Paul Society- The Mitchelton Conference (QLD)
204 Brennan, Mr Kevin (QLD) (Word format)
205 Pigram, Mr John (NSW)
206 Australia at Work (NSW)
207 UnionsWA (WA) (Word format)
208 St Vincent de Paul Society - St Joseph's Conference, Tweed Heads (NSW)
209 Mitchell, Ms Pamela (SA)
210 Young Mothers for Young Women (QLD) (Word format)
211 Unemployed Workers Group (Townsville/Thuringowa) (QLD)
212 St Vincent de Paul Society - Riverwood Conference (NSW)
213 St Vincent de Paul Society - Raymond Terrace Conference (NSW)
214 St Vincent de Paul Society - Lower Hunter Region (NSW)
215 St Vincent de Paul Society - Macarthur Ozanam Centre (NSW)
216 The Australian Consumers' Association (NSW) (PDF format)
217 Lifeline - Northern Rivers (NSW)
Supplementary information

> Opening statements and copy of bank letter to increase credit limit provided at hearing 1.7.03

218 Smith, Mr Travers (NSW)
219 Freeman, Ms Pauline (QLD)
220 Marshall, Ms Coral (VIC)
221 St Vincent de Paul Society - Ballarat East Conference (VIC)
222 Lismore and District Financial Counselling Service (NSW)
223 Australian Pensioners and Superannuants Federation (APSF) (NSW)
224 Greenacres Association (NSW)
225 Aboriginal Cultural Centre (NSW)
226 Anglicare - Illawarra Region (NSW)
227 St Vincent de Paul Society - Central Illawarra (NSW)
228 Organ MP, Mr Michael
229 Hall, Mr Timothy (NSW)
230 The Illawarra Dental Health Action Group (NSW)
231 Centacare Catholic Diocese of Ballarat (VIC) (Word format)
232 St Vincent de Paul - St Mary's Conference (QLD)
233 Lismore Integrated Community Services Program (ICSP) (NSW) (Word format)
234 Illawarra Home Link Association (NSW) (Word format)
235 Bilboe, Mr John (NSW) (Word format)
236 Northern Rivers Social Development Council (NSW) (PDF format)
237 Hillenbrand, Mrs Doris (NSW)
238 Dowling, Ms Gwen (NT)
239 Roberts, Mr John (NSW)
240 Humanist Society of Victoria Inc (VIC)
241 Women's Electoral Lobby (WA) (WA) (Word format)
242 Kirkwood, Ms Deborah (NSW)
243 Green, Mr Clyde (SA)
244 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) (ACT) (Word format)
245 Miller, Mr Ian (WA)
246 Carter, Ms Jacqui (WA)
247 Northern Territory of Social Service (NTCOSS) (NT) (Word format)
248 Doctors Reform Society Australia (NSW)
249 Johnston, Mr Lawrence (QLD)
250 Coleman, Mr Patrick (QLD)
251 Berkeley Development Association Inc (NSW) (Word format)
252 Edmunds, Ms Maree (QLD)
253 Australian Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union - Townsville Regional Office (QLD)
254 Cummins, Mr R K (NSW)
255 Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR) (Word format)
256 People with Disability (NSW)
257 O'Brien, Ms Anne (VIC)
258 Benzley, Mr Alan (VIC)