Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs

Completed inquiries and reports

Consult the Register of Senate Committee Reports if you are unsure when a report was tabled.

Report Name Date Tabled
General inquiry reports (References Committee)
Forgotten Australians - A report on Australians who experienced institutional or out-of-home care as children 30 August 2004
Report on Hepatitis C and the blood supply in Australia 17 June 2004
A hand up not a hand out: Renewing the fight against poverty - Report on poverty and financial hardship 11 March 2004
Participation Requirements and Penalties 25 September 2002
The Patient Profession: Time for Action - Report on the Inquiry into Nursing 26 June 2002
General inquiry reports (Legislation Committee)
Inquiry into tobacco advertising prohibition 30 September 2004
Bills Reports (Legislation Committee)
Inquiry into Family and Community Services and Veterans' Affairs Legislation Amendment (Income Streams) Bill 2004 21 June 2004
Inquiry into Truth in Food Labelling Bill 2003 24 March 2004
Inquiry into Health Legislation Amendment (Private Health Insurance Reform) Bill 2003 16 June 2003
Provisions of the Family and Community Services Legislation Amendment (Special Benefit Activity Test) Bill 2002 2 December 2002
Provisions of the Research Involving Embryos and Prohibition of Human Cloning Bill 2002 24 October 2002
Inquiry into Disability Services Amendment (Improved Quality Assurance) Bill 2001 14 February 2002