Senate Committee Membership

Appropriations, Staffing and Security - Standing Committee

Senators Ryan (Chair), Lines (Deputy Chair), Cormann, Wong, Ciccone, Duniam, Gallagher, Ruston and Smith

Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity - Joint Committee

Senators Antic and Stoker

Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings - Joint Committee

SenatorRyan (Deputy Chair)

Community Affairs - Legislation Committee

Senators Askew (Chair), Siewert (Deputy Chair), Hughes, McCarthy, O'Neill and Smith

Community Affairs - References Committee

Senators Siewert (Chair), Askew (Deputy Chair), Hughes, McCarthy, O'Neill and Urquhart

Constitutional Recognition Relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples 2018 - Joint Select Committee

Senators Dodson (Chair), Duniam, McCarthy, Siewert and Stoker

Corporations and Financial Services - Joint Committee

Senators Bragg, Paterson and Whish-Wilson

Economics - Legislation Committee

Senators Brockman (Chair), Gallacher (Deputy Chair), Bragg, McAllister, McDonald and Patrick

Economics - References Committee

Senators Gallacher (Chair), Brockman (Deputy Chair), Bragg, McAllister, Patrick and Walsh

Education and Employment - Legislation Committee

Senators McGrath (Chair), Pratt (Deputy Chair), Davey, Faruqi, O'Neill and O'Sullivan

Education and Employment - References Committee

Senators Pratt (Chair), McGrath (Deputy Chair), Farrell, Faruqi, O'Neill and O'Sullivan

Environment and Communications - Legislation Committee

Senators Fawcett (Chair), Rice (Deputy Chair), McMahon, Smith, Urquhart and Van

Environment and Communications - References Committee

Senators Rice (Chair), Fawcett (Deputy Chair), Green, McMahon, Smith and Urquhart

Finance and Public Administration - Legislation Committee

Senators Paterson (Chair), McAllister (Deputy Chair), Kitching, O'Sullivan, Roberts and Scarr

Finance and Public Administration - References Committee

Senators McAllister (Chair), Paterson (Deputy Chair), Ayres, Kitching, Roberts and Scarr

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade - Legislation Committee

Senators Abetz (Chair), Kitching (Deputy Chair), Ayres, Fawcett, Fierravanti-Wells and Lambie

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade - References Committee

Senators Kitching (Chair), Abetz (Deputy Chair), Antic, Ayres, Lambie and Sheldon

Human Rights - Joint Committee

Senators Chandler, McKim and Van

Intelligence and Security - Joint Committee

Senators Abetz, Fawcett, Keneally, McAllister and Stoker

Law Enforcement - Joint Committee

Senators Fierravanti-Wells and Scarr

Legal and Constitutional Affairs - Legislation Committee

Senators Stoker (Chair), Carr (Deputy Chair), Chandler, Chisholm, McKim and Van

Legal and Constitutional Affairs - References Committee

Senators Carr (Chair), Stoker (Deputy Chair), Chandler, Chisholm, Green and McKim

Parliamentary Library - Joint Committee

Senators Bilyk and Lines

Privileges - Standing Committee

Senators O'Neill (Chair), Abetz (Deputy Chair), Carr, Farrell, Fierravanti-Wells, McKim, Sinodinos and Smith

Procedure - Standing Committee

Senators Ryan, Lines (Chair), Cormann, Wong, Bilyk, Brockman, Duniam, Gallagher, Siewert and Smith

Public Accounts and Audit - Joint Committee

Senators Chandler, Kitching, O'Sullivan, Scarr and Walsh

Publications - Standing Committee

Senators Antic, McMahon, Polley, Rennick, Smith, Smith and Walsh

Regulations and Ordinances - Standing Committee

Senators Fierravanti-Wells (Chair), Carr (Deputy Chair), Ciccone, Davey, Green and Scarr

Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport - Legislation Committee

Senators McDonald (Chair), Sterle (Deputy Chair), Antic, Rennick, Rice and Watt

Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport - References Committee

Senators Sterle (Chair), McDonald (Deputy Chair), Gallacher, Rennick, Rice and Watt

Scrutiny of Bills - Standing Committee

Senators Polley (Chair), Smith (Deputy Chair), Carr, Davey, Rice and Scarr

Selection of Bills - Standing Committee

Senators Smith (Chair), Urquhart, Davey, Siewert, Hanson, Griff, Bernardi, Ciccone, Gallagher, McGrath and Ruston

Senators' Interests - Standing Committee

Senators Bilyk, Ciccone, Lines, O'Sullivan, Smith, Urquhart, Van and Waters