Senate committee activity

Senate committees and joint committees administered by the Senate Committee Office.


As at 3 September 2021 the Senate has 63 current inquiries.

In the 46th Parliament, at 3 September 2021, there have been:

  • 214 references (207 new references and 7 re-adopted from the 45th Parliament);
  • 285 reports tabled;
  • 417 hearings.

The following graphs compare references, reports and hearings at the same point in previous parliaments.

Number of references

Standing Committee references—comparison at same point of last 3 Parliaments


Standing Committee reports—comparison at same point of last 3 Parliaments

Hearings held

Standing Committee hearings—comparison at same point of last 3 Parliaments

Additional indicators of activity:

  • The department is currently supporting six select committees. During the 45th Parliament, the department supported 15 select committees.
  • At present, the department also supports six joint committees and one joint select committee.