Government responses outstanding to committee reports

President's report to the Senate

Twice a year the President provides a report to the Senate on the status of government responses to Senate and joint committee reports.

Government responses to committee reports are required within three months of a report being tabled. This practice has arisen from a Senate resolution of 14 March 1973. Successive governments have affirmed their commitment to providing such responses.

The President’s report should be read in conjunction with the relevant report from the Government.

Date of President's report Date of Government's report
31 December 2023 (PDF 429KB)  
30 June 2023 (PDF 415KB)
31 December 2022 (PDF 401KB)
30 March 2023 (PDF 950KB)
30 June 2022 (PDF 429KB)
30 September 2022 (PDF 531KB)
31 December 2021 (PDF 419KB)
30 June 2021 (PDF 388KB) 30 September 2021 (PDF 950KB)
31 December 2020 (PDF 388KB)  
30 June 2020 (PDF 328KB) 30 September 2020 (PDF 1033KB)
31 December 2019 (PDF 321KB)  
30 June 2019 (PDF 213KB) 30 September 2019 (PDF 183KB)