Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry portfolio

Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry portfolio

Management Services and Corporate Governance (CORP)

Ques 1: Additional money unerspends (Word format)
Ques 2:  National Action Plan for Salinity & Water Quality - underspends (Word format)
Ques 3:  Administered rephasing (Word format)
Ques 4:  Administered appropriation estimates (Word format)
Ques 5:  Revised estimates (Word format)
Ques 6:  Staffing numbers (Word format)
Ques 7:  Hewitt matter - timeframe for assessment (Word format)
Ques 8:  Hewett matter - remuneration (Word format)

Agricultural Industries (AGIND)

Ques 1:  Wheat Export Authority (WEA) - AWB(1) & AWB Ltd Service Agreement (Word format)
Ques 2:  WEA - supply chain assessments (Word format)
Ques 3:  WEA - AWB (1) - list of issues (Word format)
Att   Copy of performance monitoring review & reporting framework (Word format)
Ques 4:  WEA - containerised exports - applications/approvals/tonnes (Word format)
Ques 4a:  WEA - containerised exports - applications approved (Word format)
Ques 5:  WEA - reasons for establishing (Word format)
Ques 6:  WEA - expenditure since inception (Word format)
Ques 7: WEA - over estimates (Word format)
Ques 8:  WEA - estimated actuals (Word format)
Ques 9: Supplementary Dairy Assistance Scheme - reviews (Word format)
Ques 10: Dairy Structural Admustment Program (DSAP) and assistance schemes - legal costs of reviews (Word format)
Ques 11: Dairy Adjustment Authority (DAA) - invitations to farmers - discretionary payments (Word format)
Ques 12: DAA - discretionary payments - invitations - administraion (Word format)
Ques 13: Dairy - supplementary and discretionary payments - entities that receive more than one payment (Word format)
Ques 14: Dairy - flood assistance in Northern NSW - income support estimates (Word format)
Ques 15: Flood assistance - replanting grant subsidy (Word format)
Ques 16: US Beef quota - hardship provisions - Kilcoy (Word format)
Ques 17: US beef quota - exports (Word format)
Ques 18: European Union (EU) High Quality Beef quota - uncommitted amount (Word format)
Ques 19: EU beef quota – airfreighted tonnages (Word format)
Ques 20: Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) recommendations (Word format)
Ques 21: Beef promotion in Japan (Word format)
Ques 22: Review of Sugar Industry Infrastructure Program (SIIP) (Word format)
Att Copy of review report (Word format)
Ques 23: SIIP review – environmental issues – water management projects (Word format)
Ques 24: SIIP review – eight completed projects (Word format)
Ques 25: Tobacco – current kilo price of leaf (Word format)
Ques 26: Beef and Veal exports to US (Word format)


Ques 1: Supermarket to Asia (STA) Council – meetings (Word format)
Ques 2: STA Council – discontinued activities of 1999 Action Plan (Word format)

Product Integrity, Animal and Plant Health (PIAPH)

Ques 1: Review of the National Residue Survey (Word format)
Ques 2: Pindone poison – rabbit control (Word format)
Ques 3: New cropping chemicals – guidelines (Word format)

Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS)

Ques 1: FV Wing Sang – slipping and hull treatment (Word format)
Ques 2: Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy (NAQS) -Indigenous affairs Ministerial statement (Word format)

Rural Policy and Innovation
*Hard Copy

Ques 1: Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community – workshops (Word format)
Ques 2: Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community – other projects (Word format)
Ques 3: Advancing Agriculture Australia (AAA) Package – farm management deposits (Word format)
*Att Table detailing deposits and holders
Ques 4: AAA Package – Howard Partners consultancy & communication campaign brochure (Word format)
Ques 5: Farm Help/exceptional circumstances in WA – estimates (Word format)
Ques 6: Skilling Farmers for the Future Program – FarmBis – advertisements (Word format)
Ques 7: FarmBis – application closure and consideration (Word format)
Ques 8: Exceptional Circumstances (EC) – new areas (Word format)
Ques 9: Department role in industry problems (Word format)

Fisheries and Forestry (FF)

Ques 1: By-catch action plans – independent observers (Word format)
Ques 2: South-East trawl Fishery – number of non-processing boats (Word format)
Ques 3: National Plan of Action for Sharks (NAPS) (Word format)
Ques 4: Patagonian Toothfish – estimates of unreported catches (Word format)
Ques 5: Bluefin Tuna – expert scientists – species management panel (Word format)
Ques 6: Detention of illegal fishermen – management contractor (Word format)
Ques 7: Illegal fishermen – number apprehended (Word format)
Ques 8: Eden Regional Adjustment Package (ERAP) – project approvals (Word format)
Ques 9: Forest Industry Structural Adjustment Program (FISAP) – performance (Word format)

Market Access and Biosecurity (MAB)
* Hard Copy

Ques 1: Australia’s export protocols with China (Word format)
Ques 2: US Farm Bill (Word format)
Ques 3: US Farm Bill – meetings – countries represented (Word format)
Ques 4: US Farm Bill – meetings – department (Word format)
Ques 5: no question recorded.
Ques 6: Beef exports to Japan (Word format)
*Att Media release – Ministers visit to Japan January 2002
Ques 7: Philippine bananas – request for scientific data (Word format)
*Att Submission from Philippines
Ques 8: Philippine bananas – request for data on pests and diseases (Word format)
Ques 9: Philippine bananas – import risk analysis panel – report (Word format)
Ques 10: Philippine bananas – pesticide residues (Word format)
Ques 11: Philippine bananas – pesticide residues – monitoring (Word format)
Ques 12: Philippine bananas – records of pests and diseases (Word format)
Ques 13: Philippine bananas – residues – issues requiring follow up (Word format)
Ques 14: Delegation to Philippines – visit report (Word format)
*Att Copy of report
Ques 15: Banana industry – technical information papers (Word format)
Ques 16: Visits to countries seeking access to Australian markets (Word format)
Att Table detailing visits (Word format)
Ques 17: Government response to Committee Salmon report (Word format)
Ques 18: Philippines Bananas – quarantine standards (Word format)
Ques 19: Philippine bananas – meetings (Word format)
Ques 20: Philippine bananas – meeting agendas (Word format)
*Att Copy of meeting agenda for 10-11 April 2002
Ques 21: Californian Tablegrapes – Pierce’s Disease and Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter – distribution (Word format)
Ques 22: Californian Tablegrapes – Pierce’s Disease and Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter – consultation with CSIRO stakeholders (Word format)

Natural Resource Management (NRM)
* (Hard Copy)

Ques 1: Douglas Shire/Mossman Mill Ethanol project – details (Word format)
*Att Types and location of proposals
Ques 2: Great Artesian Basin Sustainability Initiative – Works program 2001-02 (Word format)
Att Lists of individual projects and funding (Word format)
Ques 3: National Action Plan (NAP) for Salinity and Water Quality – expenditure (Word format)
Ques 4: National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality – project documents (Word format)
*Att Victoria – financial agreement
*Att Mallee Catchment Management Authority – funding plan
*Att Wimmera CMA Foundation funding plan
*Att Glenelg Hopkins CMA Foundation proposal
*Att North Central CMA Foundation proposal
*Att Corangamite Region NAP Foundation projects
*Att Foundation funding – Goulburn Broken 01
*Att Service Level Agreement – NAP and Wimmera CMA
*Att Service Level Agreement – NAP and Goulburn Broken CMA
*Att SLA – NAP and North Central CMA
*Att SLA – NAP and Victorian CMA
*Att NAP project agreement with South Australia – accelerated evaluation of salt interception options
*Att Project agreement – South Australia – Salinity fight back in the upper South East Region
*Att Project agreement – South Australia – Northern and Yorke agricultural district
*Att Project agreement – South Australia – Salinity mapping and management support
*Att Project agreement – South Australia – Salinity response teams- dryland and riverine
*Att Project agreement – SA – Mt Lofty Ranges to improve water quality
*Att Project agreement – SA – Lower Murray
*Att Project agreement – SA – Salinity & water quality management through on-ground works and surface water monitoring
*Att Project agreement – SA – Foundation funding for Mt Lofty
*Att Project agreement – SA – Foundation funding for South East Region
*Att Project agreement – SA – Foundation funding for Northern Agricultural Districts
*Att Project agreement – SA – Foundation funding for Kangaroo Island
*Att Project agreement – SA – Foundation funding for SA Murray region
Ques 5: NAP for Salinity and Water Quality – Woolcott market research (Word format)
Ques 6: Structural Change Working Group – programs committee (Word format)
Ques 7: Task Group on water property rights (Word format)
Ques 8: NAP for Salinity & Water Quality – NRM standards & targets (Word format)
*Att National framework for NRM standards and targets
*(Copy of discussion paper held in secretariat)
Ques 9: NAP for Salinity & Water Quality – initial proposal by Commonwealth (Word format)
*(Copy of NAP proposal held in secretariat)
*Att Copy of proposed boundary map
*Att Copy of map of boundaries currently agreed through agreements
Ques 10: NAP for Salinity and Water Quality – Govt consultation (Word format)
Ques 11: Natural Heritage Trust funding and eligibility requirement of under $35,000 (Word format)
Ques 12: Environmental management Systems Incentives Program (Word format)
Ques 13: Natural Heritage Trust – intermediate outcomes – Phase 1 evaluation (Word format)
Ques 14: NAP for Salinity & Water Quality – salinity targets (Word format)