Submissions received by the committee as at 16/06/2005

Inquiry into the Privacy Act 1988

Submissions received by the committee as at 16/06/2005

Sub No.  
1 Real Estate Institute of Australia (PDF 47KB)
2 The Cancer Council New South Wales (PDF 295KB)
3 Fundraising Institute Australia Ltd (PDF 143KB)
4 Bio21 Australia Ltd (PDF 66KB)
5 National Serology Reference Laboratory (NRL) (PDF 72KB)
6 ANZ (PDF 124KB)
7 Mr Ian Cunliffe (PDF 19KB)
8 Australian Press Council (PDF 154KB)
9 Australian Medical Association Limited (PDF 160KB)
9A Australian Medical Association Limited (PDF 23KB)
10 Confidential
11 Lockstep Consulting Pty Ltd (PDF 690KB)
12 Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales (PDF 467KB)
13 Queensland Institute of Medical Research (PDF 87KB)
14 Sony Business Solutions (PDF 44KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 649KB)
Attachment 2 (PDF 766KB)
15 Australian Consumers' Association (PDF 136KB)
16 Australian Entertainment Industry Association (AEIA) (PDF 92KB)
17 Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc (PDF 246KB)
17A Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc (PDF 55KB)
18 Australian Law Reform Commission (PDF 102KB)
19 Ms Mary Lander (PDF 65KB)
20 National Health and Medical Research Council (PDF 91KB) Attachment A (PDF 209KB), Attachment B (PDF 297KB), Attachment C (PDF 3601KB), Attachment D (PDF 579KB), Attachment E (PDF 4077KB)
21 Caroline Chisholm Centre for Health Ethics (PDF 136KB) Appendix 1 (PDF 59KB), Appendix 2 (PDF 48KB)
22 Dr Anthony G. Place (PDF 104KB)
23 Mr David Travis (PDF 12KB)
24 Centre for Law and Genetics (PDF 187KB)
25 Australian Chamber of Commerce (PDF 64KB)
26 Australian Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers' Association Limited (PDF 146KB), Attachment 1 (PDF 145KB), Attachment 2 (PDF 243KB)
27 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (PDF 165KB)
28 Mr Roger Clarke (PDF 209KB)
29 Care Leavers of Australia Network (CLAN) (PDF 66KB)
30 Festival of Light Australia (PDF 104KB)
31 Legal Aid Queensland (LAQ) (PDF 47KB)
32 Australian Privacy Foundation (PDF 299KB), Annexure B (PDF 85KB), Annexure C (PDF 42KB), Annexure D (PDF 59KB), Annexure E (PDF 54KB), Annexure F (PDF 56KB)
32A Australian Privacy Foundation (PDF 44KB)
32B Australian Privacy Foundation (PDF 115KB)
33 Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner (PDF 167KB)
33A Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner (PDF 211KB)
34 Department of Health & Ageing (PDF 188KB) Attachment A (PDF 92KB)
34A Department of Health & Ageing (PDF 33KB)
35 Consumer Credit Legal Centre (NSW) Inc. (PDF 1550KB)
36 Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Limited (CUSCAL) (PDF 110KB)
37 Law Institute of Victoria (PDF 217KB)
37A Law Institute of Victoria (PDF 52KB)
38 Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) (PDF 272KB)
39 Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (PDF 150KB)
40 Consumers' Federation of Australia (PDF 73KB)
41 Australian Communication Exchange (PDF 79KB)
42 Australian Federal Police (PDF 35KB)
42A Australian Federal Police (PDF 21KB)
43 Baycorp Advantage (PDF 97KB)
43A Baycorp Advantage (PDF 28KB)
44 Australian Red Cross (PDF 47KB)
44A Australian Red Cross (PDF 68KB)
45 Department of Family and Community Services (PDF 39KB)
46 Ms Judy Gill (PDF 81KB)
47 Hitwise (PDF 393KB)
48 Office of the Privacy Commissioner (PDF 138KB)
49 Attorney-General's Department (PDF 89KB)

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