Handling of a letter sent by Mr Man Haron Monis to the Attorney-General

On 16 June, the Senate referred the following matter to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report:

The handling of a letter sent by Mr Man Haron Monis to the Attorney-General, dated 7 October 2014, and the evidence provided during the Budget estimates, including the subsequent correction of that evidence, with particular reference to:

  1. the details of the internal inquiry conducted by the Secretary of the Attorney-General's Department, Mr Chris Moraitis, following the discovery that incorrect evidence had been provided and any subsequent changes made to administrative practices between the department and the Attorney-General's office;
  2. the consideration given by the Joint Commonwealth and New South Wales review team to the correspondence sent by Mr Monis to various members of Parliament and other relevant documents and the basis for the assertion by Mr Thawley that the correspondence would make no difference to the findings of the review; and
  3. what, if any, changes were made to procedures for the handling of incoming correspondence to the Attorney-General's Department and the Attorney-General's office following the raising of the national terrorism public alert level to 'High' on 12 September 2014. 

On 9 September 2015, the Senate granted an extension of time for reporting until 16 September 2015.

Committee Secretariat contact:

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