A claim of public interest immunity raised over documents

6 March 2014

© Commonwealth of Australia 2014
ISBN 978-1-74229-947-1

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Members of the committee (PDF 29KB)
Recommendations (PDF 79KB)
CHAPTER 1 - Introduction (PDF 103KB)

Background to the referral
Conduct of the inquiry
Note on references
Structure of the report

CHAPTER 2 - The Senate's authority to determine claims of public interest immunity and the claim before the committee (PDF 144KB)

The source of the Senate's authority
Refusals to provide information and claims of public interest immunity
The claim before the committee
Committee view

CHAPTER 3 - An option for reform (PDF 129KB)

The NSW Legislative Council model
Committee view

Dissenting Report – Coalition Members of the Committee (PDF 165KB)

Public interest immunity claim
Provision of Information

Appendix 1 (PDF 5KB)

Public submissions

Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared before the committee (PDF 58KB)
Appendix 3 - Correspondence from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection received 29 January 2014 (PDF 84KB)
Appendix 4 - Advice from the Clerk of the Senate received 7 January 2014 and 7 February 2014 (PDF 18005KB)

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