Submissions received by the Committee

Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010

Submissions received by the Committee

An unprecedented number of submissions were received for this inquiry. In total, the committee received approximately 79,200 submissions: approximately 46,400 submissions in support of the bill, and approximately 32,800 submissions opposed to the bill. Due to the large number of submissions, the committee decided not to publish on its website every submission it received from individuals. The committee published a selection of individual submissions, representing a broad and balanced range of views that were indicative of the types of submissions that were received. An equal number of individual submissions supporting and opposing the bill were published. Further information about submissions received by the committee can be found in the committee's report, which tabled on 25 June 2012 and is available on this website.

Sub No.

1 The Life Centre (PDF 120KB) 
2 Rainbow Tasmania Committee (PDF 281KB) 
3 Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PDF 139KB) 
4 Ms Emily McCosker (PDF 64KB) 
5 Mr David Allan (PDF 126KB) 
6 Mr Daniel Nguyen (PDF 272KB) 
7 Mr Paul Myers (PDF 19KB) 
8 Mr Tony Thomas (PDF 75KB) 
9 Mr Neil Foster (PDF 86KB) 
10 Mr James Gall (PDF 44KB) 
11 Name Withheld (PDF 50KB) 
12 Name Withheld (PDF 59KB) 
13 Miss Keely Gordon-King (PDF 28KB) 
14 Mr Doug Pollard (PDF 89KB) 
15 Ms Rachel Whiting (PDF 107KB) 
16 Mr Allan Weatherall (PDF 48KB) 
17 Name Withheld (PDF 37KB) 
18 Sarah de Rooy and Lee Dunbar (PDF 180KB) 
19 Ms Kristy Adams (PDF 80KB) 
20 Name Withheld (PDF 40KB) 
21 Name Withheld (PDF 48KB) 
22 Name Withheld (PDF 119KB) 
23 Name Withheld (PDF 42KB) 
24 Mr Michael O'Halloran (PDF 33KB) 
25 Mr Anthony Venn-Brown (PDF 183KB) 
26 Mr Brent Melville (PDF 42KB) 
27 Robert and Marjorie Carter (PDF 7KB) 
28 Mr Jeffrey Hughes (PDF 642KB) 
29 Mr Giovanni Portelli (PDF 7KB) 
30 Mr Warwick Poole (PDF 193KB) 
31 W P Gadsby (PDF 254KB) 
32 Mr Peter Butler (PDF 42KB) 
33 Ms Shelley Argent OAM (PDF 68KB) 
34 Mr Geoffrey Rees (PDF 67KB) 
35 Name Withheld (PDF 64KB) 
36 Mr Beau Hawton (PDF 32KB) 
37 Mr Walter Peter (PDF 13KB) 
38 Mr Clive Buultjens (PDF 184KB) 
39 Dr William Watson (PDF 68KB) 
40 Mr Mike Flynn (PDF 203KB) 
41 Ms Helene Cohen (PDF 144KB) 
42 Name Withheld (PDF 29KB) 
43 Pastor Lynton Taylor (PDF 42KB) 
44 Ms Helen Kaplick (PDF 4KB) 
45 Professor Ben Saul (PDF 27KB) 
46 Mr David Dick (PDF 13KB) 
47 Mr John Mikelsons (PDF 45KB) 
48 Mr Tom Morley (PDF 37KB) 
49 Mr Martin Clarke (PDF 9KB) 
50 Mr Benjamin Heathwood (PDF 78KB) 
51 Mrs Grace Tse (PDF 9KB) 
52 Rev Martin Rosenberg (PDF 42KB) 
53 Dr Sally Kannar (PDF 25KB) 
54 Mr Colin Dunn (PDF 49KB) 
55 Mr Don Willis (PDF 54KB) 
56 Mr John Rietveld (PDF 236KB) 
57 Mr Rodney Croome AM (PDF 593KB) 
58 Amnesty International Australia (PDF 183KB) 
59 The Humanist Society of Victoria  (PDF 86KB) 
60 Graham Phillips and Carol Phillips (PDF 150KB) 
61 Gilbert and Tobin Centre of Public Law (PDF 212KB) 
62 Mr Geoffrey Lapthorne (PDF 144KB) 
63 Family Council of Victoria (PDF 96KB) 
64 Mr Brian Greig OAM (PDF 366KB) 
65 Professor Margaret Somerville AM (PDF 831KB) 
66 Mr Michael McDougall (PDF 49KB) 
67 Mr Craig Parkin (PDF 39KB) 
68 Endeavour Forum (PDF 210KB) 
69 Pastor Neil Hart (PDF 51KB) 
70 Pastor Andrew Heard, Lead Pastor EV Church (PDF 384KB) 
71 Mr Alan Anderson (PDF 46KB) 
72 The Very Reverend Dr Peter Catt, Dean of Saint John's Cathedral (PDF 1881KB) 
73 Name Withheld (PDF 43KB) 
74 The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG (PDF 556KB) 
75 The Union for Progressive Judaism (PDF 174KB) 
76 Lutheran Church of Australia (PDF 6520KB) 
77 Let's Get Equal Campaign (PDF 75KB) 
78 Mr Christopher McNicol (PDF 11KB) 
79 Mr and Mrs Gary Edmonds (PDF 120KB) 
80 Reverend Michael Blake, Narellan Anglican Parish (PDF 92KB) 
81 Mr Andrew Goff (PDF 8KB) 
82 Mr Geoff Allshorn (PDF 57KB) 
83 Ms Rachel Dennis (PDF 138KB) 
84 Name Withheld (PDF 459KB) 
85 Ms Jan Easter (PDF 4KB) 
86 Presbyterian Women's Association of Australia in NSW (PDF 9KB) 
87 Mr Spencer Gear (PDF 344KB) 
88 Mr Christopher Marshall (PDF 140KB) 
89 Mr Raymond Morris (PDF 12KB) 
90 Name Withheld (PDF 45KB) 
91 Rev Dr Margaret Court AO, MBE (PDF 562KB) 
92 Mr Nathan Thomas (PDF 112KB) 
93 Mr Roger Sawkins (PDF 99KB) 
94 Rev Eileen Ray (PDF 36KB) 
95 Mr Ben Mee (PDF 224KB) 
96 Mr Martin Feckie (PDF 20KB) 
97 Mr Angus McGruther 
98 The Hon Kristina Keneally MP (PDF 88KB) 
99 Mr Ben Parry (PDF 91KB) 
100 Dr Robert Pollnitz (PDF 2983KB) 
101 FamilyVoice Australia (PDF 196KB) 
102 Reformed Church of Box Hill (PDF 339KB) 
103 Drug Policy Modelling Program (PDF 421KB) 
104 ACT Branch of the Australian Family Association (PDF 392KB) 
105 The Presbyterian Church of Queensland (PDF 287KB) 
106 Episcopal Assembly of Oceania (PDF 196KB) 
107 Geelong Adolescent Sexuality Project (GASP) (PDF 182KB) 
108 Women's Law Centre of Western Australia (PDF 5607KB) 
109 New South Wales Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (PDF 398KB) 
110 The Hon Trevor Khan MLC (PDF 802KB) 
111 Ms Clover Moore MP, Lord Mayor of Sydney (PDF 1020KB) 
112 Ms Briannon Stevens and Ms Julie Parry (PDF 311KB) 
113 His Eminence Cardinal George Pell AC, Archbishop of Sydney (PDF 4791KB) 
114 Mr Bernard Hennessy (PDF 32KB) 
115 Ms Janine Homer (PDF 75KB) 
116 Australian Human Rights Commission  (PDF 194KB) 
117 Presbyterian Church of Victoria (Church and Nation Committee)  (PDF 556KB) 
118 Association for Reformed Political Action (PDF 260KB) 
119 Rabbinical Council of New South Wales  (PDF 108KB) 
120 Ms Chanika Desilva (PDF 48KB) 
121 Mr Benjamin Jones (PDF 109KB) 
122 Paul Martin, Principal Psychologist Centre for Human Potential  (PDF 377KB) 
123 Dr Jane Anderson (PDF 132KB) 
124 Mrs Jennifer Cram (PDF 20KB) 
125 Mr Ken Roche (PDF 12KB) 
126 Ms Rita Joseph (PDF 236KB) 
127 Mr Martin Fitzgerald (PDF 201KB) 
128 Mr Peter Bond (PDF 199KB) 
129 Rev Dr Garry Deverell (PDF 66KB) 
130 Mr Trevar Alan Chilver (PDF 123KB) 
131 Christian Faith and Freedom (PDF 151KB) 
132 Knights of the Southern Cross Victoria (PDF 133KB) 
133 Australian Medical Students' Association (PDF 572KB) 
134 National Marriage Coalition  (PDF 650KB) 
135 Mr Benjamin Head (PDF 5KB) 
136 Mr Michael Ord (PDF 257KB) 
137 Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (PDF 1186KB) 
138 Public Interest Advocacy Centre  (PDF 507KB) 
139 Saint Andrews Anglican Church, Oak Flats (PDF 60KB) 
140 Dr Andrew Corbett (PDF 116KB) 
141 Mr Graham Eggins (PDF 62KB) 
142 Reverend Roger Munson, Saint James Uniting Church (PDF 248KB) 
143 Mr Lionell Pack (PDF 69KB) 
144 Assembly of Confessing Congregations within the Uniting Church in Australia (PDF 238KB) 
145 Organisation of Rabbis of Australasia (PDF 53KB) 
146 Institute for Judaism and Civilization (PDF 355KB) 
147 Australian Christian Lobby (PDF 1329KB) 
148 Hawkesbury Nepean Community Legal Centre (PDF 2401KB) 
149 Council of Australian Humanist Societies (PDF 1034KB) 
150 Focus on the Family Australia (PDF 369KB) 
151 University of Adelaide Law School (PDF 1041KB) 
152 New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties (PDF 610KB) 
153 Australian Family Association (PDF 129KB) 
154 The Presbytery of North Western Victoria  (PDF 72KB) 
155 Church and Nation Committee of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia (PDF 297KB) 
156 Ambrose Centre For Religious Liberty (PDF 363KB) 
157 National LGBTI Health Alliance (PDF 548KB) 
158 Salt Shakers (PDF 27KB) 
159 Christian Democratic Party, Clarence Branch (PDF 182KB) 
160 Protect Marriage Australia (PDF 1283KB) 
161 Human Rights Law Centre  (PDF 166KB) 
162 Winning Attitudes Recruitment (PDF 141KB) 
163 National Civic Council (PDF 244KB) 
164 Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays ACT (PDF 100KB) 
165 Top End Women's Legal Service (PDF 98KB) 
166 Liberty Victoria (PDF 184KB) 
167 Pastor Wally Schiller, Light Pass Immanuel Lutheran Parish (PDF 29KB) 
168 Mr Dean Allright (PDF 70KB) 
169 Prof Kerryn Phelps OAM and Ms Jackie Stricker-Phelps (PDF 706KB) 
170 The Hon Lara Giddings MP, Premier of Tasmania (PDF 2304KB) 
171 Reverend David Fisher, Moree Anglican Church (PDF 107KB) 
172 Mr Greg Donnelly MLC (PDF 4369KB) 
173 Inner City Legal Centre (PDF 229KB) 
174 Rainbow Labor Tasmania (PDF 196KB) 
175 Immigration Advice and Rights Centre (PDF 2598KB) 
176 Australian Democrats (PDF 55KB) 
177 ACON (PDF 200KB) 
178 Law Council of Australia (PDF 220KB) 
179 Youth Action and Policy Association New South Wales (PDF 87KB) 
180 Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association (PDF 2127KB) 
181 Bisexual Alliance Victoria (PDF 147KB) 
182 Australian Young Labor Western Australia (PDF 427KB) 
183 Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation (PDF 945KB) 
184 Ms Yvonne Henderson, Commissioner for Equal Opportunity Western Australia (PDF 1152KB) 
185 Coral Sea Resort (PDF 1577KB) 
186 Australian Family Association Western Australia (PDF 1276KB) 
187 Australian TFP Bureau (PDF 175KB) 
188 Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (PDF 109KB) 
189 Lawyers and Academics from Deakin University School of Law (PDF 102KB) 
190 Tasmanian Young Labor (PDF 99KB) 
191 Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group (PDF 517KB) 
192 Name Withheld (PDF 70KB) 
193 Mr Christopher Puplick AM and Mr Larry Galbraith  (PDF 547KB) 
194 Professor Patrick Parkinson AM (PDF 365KB) 
195 Mr Donald Ritchie (PDF 180KB) 
196 Anglican Diocese of Sydney, Social Issues Executive (PDF 306KB) 
197 headspace (PDF 2039KB) 
198 Organisation Intersex International Australia (PDF 301KB) 
199 Australian Marriage Forum (PDF 457KB) 
200 Rainbow Families Queensland (PDF 768KB) 
201 Psychologists for Marriage Equality  (PDF 2261KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 627KB) 
202 Ad Hoc Interfaith Committee (PDF 423KB) 
203 Canberra Atheist Church (PDF 1762KB) 
204 Paddington Uniting Church (PDF 152KB) 
205 United Voice ACT (PDF 137KB) 
206 Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Gunnedah (PDF 65KB) 
207 Victory Life Broome (PDF 170KB) 
208 Catholic Women's League Australia Inc. (PDF 794KB) 
209 Guild of Saint Luke (Catholic Doctors Queensland) (PDF 24KB) 
210 Committee for Preservation of Marriage  (PDF 3082KB) 
211 Mr Stephan Elliott (PDF 53KB) 
212 Ms Fiona James (PDF 65KB) 
213 Rev Narelle Oliver-Braddock (PDF 82KB) 
214 Ms Josephine Hutton (PDF 156KB) 
215 The Hon Ian Hunter MLC (PDF 108KB) 
216 Mr Charles Lowe (PDF 25KB) 
217 The Hon Don Harwin MLC (PDF 627KB) 
218 Mr James Newburrie (PDF 906KB) 
219 Ms Roberta Vaughan (PDF 189KB) 
220 Mr John Moore (PDF 76KB) 
221 Ms Helena Adeloju (PDF 193KB) 
222 Ms Piroska Williams (PDF 104KB) 
223 Mr Arthur Escamilla, Dean, Warrane College, University of New South Wales (PDF 2436KB) 
224 The Very Reverend Richard Humphrey, Dean of Hobart (PDF 500KB) 
225 Mr Eric Jones (PDF 403KB) 
226 Mr Roger Cunningham (PDF 35KB) 
227 Tasmanian Greens Members of Parliament  (PDF 299KB) 
228 Presbyterian Church of Australia (PDF 613KB) 
229 Doctors for the Family (PDF 98KB) 
230 Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (PDF 1463KB) 
231 Rabbinical Council of Victoria (PDF 445KB) 
232 Australian Family Association (South Australia Branch) (PDF 77KB) 
233 Family Life International Australia (PDF 16KB) 
234 Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (PDF 113KB) 
235 The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory (PDF 4920KB) 
236 Minus18 (PDF 244KB) 
237 Association of Australian Christadelphian Ecclesias (PDF 146KB) 
238 Defence Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Information Service (DEFGLIS) (PDF 105KB) 
239 Women's Legal Services New South Wales (PDF 2966KB) 
240 Catholic Women's League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga, Social Questions Committee (PDF 418KB) 
241 Lesbian and Gay Solidarity, Melbourne (PDF 133KB) 
242 Reverend Greg Smith, Metropolitan Community Church Sydney (PDF 49KB) 
243 Ethics and Sustainability Party (PDF 32KB) 
244 Australian Federation for the Family (PDF 65KB) 
245 Ally Network, Curtin University (PDF 1986KB) 
246 River of Praise (PDF 801KB) 
247 The University of Queensland Queer Collective (PDF 643KB) 
248 Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia (PDF 99KB) 
249 Pastor Michael Hercock, Imagine - Surry Hills Baptist Church (PDF 61KB) 
250 Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays NSW (PDF 123KB) 
251 Reverend Dr Michael Stead, Saint James Turramurra (PDF 3157KB) 
252 Mr Stephen Page (PDF 814KB) 
253 Mr Darrell Parker, Chaplain, Saint Mark's UNE Church (PDF 654KB) 
254 Mr Patrick Sibly (PDF 94KB) 
255 Mr Tom Togher (PDF 64KB) 
256 Mr Tom Snow (PDF 26KB) 
257 Mr Nigel Wittwer and Mrs Sandy Wittwer (PDF 190KB) 
258 Dr Ian Ridgway (PDF 83KB) 
259 Name Withheld (PDF 84KB) 
260 Australian Marriage Equality (PDF 606KB) Attachment 1(PDF 174KB) Attachment 2(PDF 149KB) Attachment 3(PDF 193KB) Attachment 4(PDF 531KB) Attachment 5(PDF 1008KB) Attachment 6(PDF 164KB) Attachment 7(PDF 2287KB) Attachment 8(PDF 77KB) Attachment 9(PDF 177KB) Attachment 10(PDF 164KB) 
261 The Australian Psychological Society  (PDF 416KB) 
262 Lawyers for the Preservation of the Definition of Marriage (PDF 515KB) 
263 Mr Jack Jones (PDF 166KB) 
264 Ms Carolyn Cormack (PDF 331KB) 
265 Name Withheld (PDF 78KB) 
266 Name Withheld (PDF 189KB) 
267 Ms Kate Frenda (PDF 222KB) 
268 Mr Alex Greenwich (PDF 181KB) 
269 Reverend Emeritus Professor William Loader (PDF 94KB) 
270 Reverend Jill Lienert (PDF 65KB) 
271 Ms Meaghan Webster (PDF 68KB) 
272 Mr Justin Rassi (PDF 100KB) 
273 Mr Matthew Waldron (PDF 180KB) 
274 Name Withheld (PDF 58KB) 
275 Australian Marriage is (PDF 584KB) 
276 Peter Tatchell Foundation (PDF 105KB) 
277 Freedom to Marry (PDF 637KB) 
278 Mr Edward Heckathorn (PDF 76KB) 
279 Mr David Everingham (PDF 147KB) 
280 Rev Paul Lee (PDF 210KB) 
281 Mr Robert Hyland (PDF 40KB) 
282 Mr Patrick Gowans (PDF 64KB) 
283 Name Withheld (PDF 252KB) 
284 Name Withheld (PDF 8KB) 
285 Name Withheld (PDF 30KB) 
286 Mr Mark Baumgarten (PDF 65KB) 
287 Mr Daniel Klop (PDF 173KB) 
288 Rev Dr Christian Fandrich (PDF 6968KB) 
289 Mr Peter Murray (PDF 161KB) 
290 Ms Gunnella Murphy (PDF 117KB) 
291 Dr John Challis and Mr Arthur Cheeseman (PDF 54KB) 
292 Mr Daniel Ip (PDF 329KB) 
293 Professor M. V. Lee Badgett (PDF 121KB) Attachment 1(PDF 195KB) 
294 Mr Derek Cronin (PDF 252KB) 
296 Mr Tony Pitman (PDF 197KB) 
297 Mr Greg Smitheram (PDF 8KB) 
298 Dr Savitri Taylor (PDF 196KB) 
299 Dr Muriel Porter (PDF 72KB) 
300 Ms Kirstin Hanks-Thomson (PDF 204KB) 
301 Dr Russell Date (PDF 2921KB) 
302 Reverend Nathan Nettleton, South Yarra Community Baptist Church (PDF 61KB) 
303 Mr Patrick Alexander (PDF 12KB) 
304 Mr Anthony Morton (PDF 39KB) 
305 Mr Peter Murphy (PDF 161KB) 
306 Mr Dennis Clarke (PDF 330KB) 
307 Ms Joan Smurthwaite (PDF 344KB) 
308 Father Mick Mac Andrew, Saint Mary's Catholic Parish, West Wyalong (PDF 7KB) 
309 Mr Ryan Arndt (PDF 142KB) 
310 Tasmanian Baptists (PDF 111KB) 
311 Dr Terence Dwyer (PDF 60KB) 
312 Dr Peter Wilkinson (PDF 166KB) 
313 The Right Reverend Ross Nicholson (PDF 60KB) 
314 Mr Ryan Robertson (PDF 99KB) 
315 Mr Gerald Leicester (PDF 218KB) 
316 Mr Hinton Lowe (PDF 130KB) 
317 Mr Robert Price (PDF 349KB) 
318 Mr Steve Duffy (PDF 71KB) 
319 Reverend Dr Jared Hood (PDF 172KB) 
320 Ms Dorothy Howes (PDF 6KB) 
321 Mr Paul Joswig (PDF 272KB) 
322 Mr Geoff Keech (PDF 36KB) 
323 The Rainbow Report (PDF 12KB) 
324 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (PDF 162KB) 
325 Reverend Willem Vandenberg, Horsham Presbyterian Church (PDF 267KB) 
326 Mr Romony Rogers (PDF 87KB) 
327 Mr John Dayball and Mrs Geraldine Dayball (PDF 244KB) 
328 Mr Rudy Bell (PDF 35KB) 
329 Mr Daniel Miller (PDF 473KB) 
330 Ms Kristie Naylor (PDF 39KB) 
331 Name Withheld (PDF 44KB) 
332 Mr Damian Mateljan (PDF 154KB) 
333 Mr Bruce Collins OAM (PDF 194KB) 
334 Mr Elliot Wall (PDF 488KB) 
335 Mr Bart Vogelzang (PDF 67KB) 
336 Mr Bernard Bartsch (PDF 80KB) 
337 Mr Shaun Khoo (PDF 291KB) 
338 Mr Cameron Todd (PDF 8KB) 
339 Ms Hannah Lewis (PDF 451KB) 
340 Mr David Forster (PDF 70KB) 
341 The Rev Dr Jonathan Inkpin (PDF 207KB) 
342 Ms Kathleen Jakovcevich (PDF 115KB) 
343 Bridget and Tammy Clinch (PDF 161KB) 
344 Rev Peter Greenwood (PDF 68KB) 
345 Ms Michelle Swift (PDF 9KB) 
346 Mr Martin Howells (PDF 164KB) 
347 Ms Andriana Koukari (PDF 63KB) 
348 Mr John Mayger (PDF 214KB) 
349 Dr Brian Pollard (PDF 66KB) 
350 Ms Melinda Beasant-Commerford (PDF 62KB) 
351 Australian Capital Territory Government (PDF 324KB) 
352 Ms Pat Assheton (PDF 70KB) 
353 Name Withheld (PDF 115KB) 
354 SDA Members for Equality (PDF 65KB) 
Response received from Mr Joe de Bruyn, National Secretary of the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association(PDF 2721KB) 
355 Professor Thomas Frame (PDF 190KB) Attachment 1(PDF 200KB) Attachment 2(PDF 202KB) Attachment 3(PDF 90KB) 
356 Castan Centre for Human Rights Law (PDF 364KB) 
357 Ms Amanda Butler (PDF 158KB) 
358 Australian Youth Forum (PDF 1469KB) 
359 Mr Tim Wilson (PDF 3699KB) 
360 N.G Tam (PDF 174KB) 

Additional Information Received

1 Book tabled by the Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG at public hearing on Thursday 3 May 2012- Kirby, Michael- 'A Private Life', (cover only- book not attached)(PDF 296KB) 
2 Book tabled by the Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG at public hearing on Thursday 3 May 2012- Wright, Nigel (eds), 'Five Uneasy Pieces- Essays on Scripture and Sexuality', (cover only- book not attached)(PDF 5189KB) 
3 Outline of oral submission and relevant authorities from the European Court of Human Rights (10 documents) tabled by the Lawyers for the Preservation of the Definition of Marriage at public hearing on 3 May 2012(PDF 2160KB) 
4 Presentation document tabled by the Assembly of Confessing Congregations within the Uniting Church in Australia at public hearing on Thursday 3 May 2012(PDF 1168KB) 
5 Opening Statement tabled by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference at public hearing on Thursday 3 May 2012(PDF 1073KB) 
6 Position statement tabled by Imagine Surry Hills Baptist Church at public hearing on Thursday 3 May 2012(PDF 2869KB) 
7 'Same-Sex Marriage: Everything will Change- Bill Muehlenberg' tabled by National Marriage Coalition at public hearing on Friday 4 May 2012(PDF 942KB) 
8 Media releases tabled by the Australian Christian Lobby at public hearing on Friday 4 May 2012(PDF 1114KB) 
9 Book tabled by Professor Thomas Frame at public hearing on Friday 4 May 2012- Frame, Tom, 'Children on Demand- The Ethics of Defying Nature' (cover only- book not attached)(PDF 191KB) 
10 Material on scientific studies tabled by the Australian Psychological Society at public hearing on Friday 4 May 2012(PDF 33673KB) 
11 'Writing Themselves in 3 - The third national study on the sexual health and wellbeing of same sex attracted and gender questioning young people' tabled by the Australian Psychological Society at public hearing on Friday 4 May 2012 (cover only- study not attached)(PDF 408KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1 Response to question on notice provided by Ms Gabrielle Appleby, Mr James Farrell, Dr Dan Meagher and Professor John Williams, University of Adelaide Law School, received on 9 May 2012.(PDF 228KB) 
2 Response to a question on notice provided by Law Council of Australia, received on 11 May 2012(PDF 77KB) 
3 Response to question on notice provided by Paddington Uniting Church, received on 11 May 2012(PDF 281KB) 

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