The publication of submissions is not an automated process and there can be a delay of several days between a submission being provided and it being published. Once a submission is accepted and approved for publication, the submitter is sent an acknowledgement letter advising of such. A large volume of submissions have been received to the inquiry into Commonwealth arts funding; the secretariat thanks you for your patience in this matter. 

Submissions received by the Committee

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 2719 items in 136 pages
1Ms Kate McMillan (PDF 173 KB) 
2Ms Bridget Currie (PDF 74 KB) 
3Ms Ally Bisshop (PDF 84 KB) 
4Professor Nikos Papastergiadis (PDF 226 KB) 
5Ms Rachael Dyson-McGregor (PDF 173 KB) 
6Mr Jim Daly (PDF 102 KB) 
7Mr Ian Haig (PDF 4 KB) 
8Mr Huey Benjamin (PDF 311 KB) 
9Mr Simon Jones (PDF 81 KB) 
10Ms Barbara Wulff (PDF 25 KB) 
11Ms Kristie Kha (PDF 70 KB) 
12Mr Lachlan Philpott (PDF 151 KB) 
13Dr Michael Needham (PDF 67 KB) 
14Mr Guy Hooper (PDF 4626 KB) 
15Tobiah Booth-Remmers (PDF 73 KB) 
16Mr Chris Jones (PDF 14 KB) 
17Ms Megan Forward (PDF 200 KB) 
18Boat Rocker Entertainment LLC (PDF 5381 KB) 
19Ms Angela Gardner (PDF 93 KB) 
20Mr Tim White (PDF 136 KB) 

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