Nature and scope of the consultations prior to the making of the Legal Services Amendment (Solicitor-General Opinions) Direction 2016

8 November 2016

© Commonwealth of Australia 2016
ISBN 978-1-76010-477-1

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Members of the committee (PDF 24KB)
Recommendations (PDF 5KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction and background (PDF 103KB)

Conduct of inquiry
Structure of this report
Relevant legislation
Public discussion
Disallowance motion in the Senate
Consideration by the Senate Regulations and Ordinances Committee
A note on terminology

Chapter 2 - Views of the Attorney-General (PDF 107KB)

Prior to the Direction
After the Direction

Chapter 3 - Views of the Solicitor-General (PDF 124KB)

Prior to the Direction
After the Direction
Supporting views of other witnesses
The terms of reference

Chapter 4 - Committee views and recommendations (PDF 114KB)

Access to documents
Legality of the Direction
Consultation on the Direction

Dissenting Report from Government Senators (PDF 197KB)
Appendix A to Dissenting Report from Government Senators (PDF 169KB)
Appendix 1 (PDF 4KB)

Public submissions

Appendix 2 - Public hearings and witnesses (PDF 60KB)
Appendix 3 - Tabled documents, answers to questions on notice and additional information (PDF 5KB)

Additional information

Appendix 4 (PDF 1007KB)

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