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1Mr Paul Nolan (PDF 86 KB) 
2Mr Stephen Mattsson (PDF 404 KB) 
3Dr Alex Deagon (PDF 211 KB) 
4Australian Lawyers Alliance (PDF 1402 KB) 
5Mr Douglas Pretsell (PDF 91 KB) 
6Mr David Searles (PDF 152 KB) 
7Alannah and Madeline Foundation  (PDF 4247 KB) 
8Mr Alan Harker (PDF 254 KB) 
9Ms Barbara Hockley (PDF 185 KB) 
10Mr Colin W. Johnston (PDF 119 KB) 
11Mr Brian Woods (PDF 74 KB) 
12Mr Robert C. Cridland (PDF 90 KB) 
13Caxton Legal Centre Inc. (PDF 603 KB) 
14Mr Andrew Hodge (PDF 403 KB) 
15Mr Joel Delaney (PDF 95 KB) 
16Public Affairs Commission, Anglican Church (PDF 266 KB) 
17Mr Emanuel Millen (PDF 91 KB) 
18Mr Michael Burge (PDF 147 KB) 
20Australasian-Middle East Christian Apostolic Churches (PDF 3788 KB) 
21Ms Rita Joseph (PDF 194 KB) 

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About this inquiry

This bill seeks to amend the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 to remove the capacity of bodies established for religious purposes that provide education to directly discriminate against students on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.

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07 Feb 2019: Sydney
06 Feb 2019: Brisbane


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