Submissions received by the Committee

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1Chris Culnane, Benjamin Rubinstein, Vanessa Teague (PDF 127 KB) 
2Mr Justin Warren (PDF 81 KB) 
3Dr Peter Ansell (PDF 100 KB) 
4Ms Rosie Williams (PDF 69 KB) 
5Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (PDF 570 KB) 
6Attorney-General's Department (PDF 363 KB) 
7Mr Andrew van der Stock (PDF 108 KB) 
8DIGI (PDF 346 KB) 
9Mercury Information Security Services (PDF 42 KB) 
10Law Council of Australia (PDF 116 KB) 
11Australian Privacy Foundation (PDF 85 KB) 
12Pirate Party Australia (PDF 210 KB) 
13Office of the Privacy Commissioner NSW (PDF 2582 KB) 
14Electronic Frontiers Australia (PDF 458 KB) 
15Australian Bankers' Association Inc. (PDF 76 KB) 

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