Additional Comments

Additional Comments

The Australian Greens

1.1        The Australian Greens believe that the committee report is an excellent articulation of the reasons why the question of marriage equality should be resolved by a vote in the Parliament. We strongly affirm this view.

1.2        The Greens are convinced by the evidence from witnesses and submitters who voiced serious concerns about a popular vote and agree that it is undesirable to amend the definition of marriage in this way. We give serious weight to the evidence of the harm that LGBTIQ members of the community, and their families may suffer as a consequence of the public campaign accompanying a plebiscite.

1.3        The Greens note the intention of the current Government to proceed with a plebiscite after the next election, which could be undertaken using executive power. The evidence presented to the committee indicates that this would be an inappropriate course of action, with potential to cause serious harm to LGBTIQ Australians and their families.

1.4        The Greens believe that if a plebiscite is being pursued then it should only be considered in conjunction with the next federal election, and under the following conditions:

Senator Janet Rice

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