The committee has published a discussion paper to guide submitters.

Please be aware that the committee may choose not to accept or not to publish a submission that contains a statement that is deliberately inflammatory, incites hatred or violence, or is likely to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate.

You should also be aware that if a submission reflects adversely on another party (for example, makes allegations of a serious nature such as incompetence, negligence, corruption or criminal conduct), the committee is generally required to provide that party access to the submission and an opportunity to respond. It is also open to the committee to decline to accept or decline to publish a submission that contains adverse reflections.

Submissions received by the Committee

Submissions may be re-ordered by clicking on a column header. They may also be grouped by Organisation/Individual, State/Territory.

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 210 items in 11 pages
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Data pager
Page size:
 210 items in 11 pages
1Mr Gil Hardwick (PDF 90 KB) 
2Ms Ann-Mari Jordens (PDF 87 KB) 
3Mr Thomas Stephen (PDF 225 KB) 
4Steering Committee of the Evidence Based Policy Research Project (PDF 230 KB) 
5Mr Patrick Allan (PDF 27 KB) 
6Mr Keith Dwyer (PDF 34 KB) 
7Dr Clare Wright (PDF 117 KB) 
8Professor Alexander Reilly (PDF 154 KB) 
9Mr Peter Duffy (PDF 59 KB) 
10Prof Greg Melleuish (PDF 206 KB) 
10.1 Supplementary to submission 10 (PDF 171 KB) 
11Mr Geoffrey Robin (PDF 156 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 114 KB) 
12Federation of Chinese Associations of Australian Capital Territory (PDF 54 KB) 
13Em/Prof Genevieve Lloyd (PDF 73 KB) 
14Mr David Hall (PDF 70 KB) 
15Mr Peter Fisher (PDF 761 KB) 
16Associate Professor Martin Crotty, Associate Professor Lisa Featherstone and Dr Geoff Ginn (PDF 130 KB) 
17Dr Benjamin Jones (PDF 190 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 1930 KB) 
18Australian Lawyers Alliance (PDF 526 KB) 
19Mr Vincent Lazzaro (PDF 42 KB) 
20The University of Western Australia (PDF 247 KB) 

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