Appendix 2

Public hearing

Tuesday, 29 October 2019
Committee Room 2S1
Parliament House
The Carly Ryan Foundation
Ms Sonya Ryan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ms Hayley Pearse, Executive Manager
Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, Uniting Church in Australia
Dr Mark Zirnsak, Senior Social Justice Advocate
Mr Warren Strange, Executive Officer
Ms Melanie Morgan, Law Reform and Advocacy Officer
Law Council of Australia
Mr Arthur Moses SC, President
Shine Lawyers
Mrs Lisa Flynn, Head of Specialist Personal Injury
Department of Home Affairs
Mrs Ciara Spencer, Acting First Assistant Secretary National Security and Law Enforcement Policy
Attorney-General's Department
Ms Erin Wells, Acting Assistant Secretary
Ms Frances Anggadi, Acting Assistant Secretary
Australian Federal Police
Assistant Commissioner Debbie Platz, Assistant Commissioner Crime Operations
Office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions
Mr Mark de Crespigny, Deputy Director, Human Exploitation and Border Protection

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