Appendix 2

Public hearings and witnesses

Monday, 19 November 2018 – Melbourne

APPLETON, Ms Brenda, Chair, Transgender Victoria

BANKS, Ms Robin, Private capacity

BLACK, Mr Peter, Queensland Director, Equality Campaign

BLACKWOOD, Ms Beth, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia

BROWN, Ms Anna, Director of Legal Advocacy, Human Rights Law Centre

CARNIE, Lee, Senior Lawyer, Human Rights Law Centre

COLLINS, Mr Ray, Acting Executive Director, National Catholic Education Commission

COLYER, Mr Paul, Executive Officer, Australian Catholic Primary Principals' Association

COMENSOLI, Archbishop Peter Andrew, Delegate, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

COMENSOLI, Mr Daniel James, Policy Analyst, National LGBTI Health Alliance

CROOME, Mr Rodney, Spokesperson, Equality Tasmania; and Spokesperson, just.equal

FitzGERALD, Mr Frank, Executive Officer, Catholic Secondary Principals Australia

GARDINER, Jamie, Vice-President, Liberty Victoria

GAYNOR, Mr Brad, President, Australian Catholic Primary Principals' Association

GREENWICH, Mr Alex, Co-Chair, Equality Campaign

GRUTZNER, Mr Philip, Principal, Carey Grammar Baptist School

HUNYOR, Mr Jonathon, Chief Executive Officer, Public Interest Advocacy Centre

LAUSSEN, Mr James, Principal, Overnewton Anglican Community College

LAWRIE, Mr Alastair, Senior Policy Officer, Public Interest Advocacy Centre

LIN, Dr Ashleigh, National Health and Medical Research Council Career Development Fellow; and Program Head, Mental Health and Youth, Telethon Kids Institute

MACDONALD, Ms Meagan, Co-Founder, Parents of Gender Diverse Children

MARLOWE, Ms Felicity, Executive Director, Rainbow Families Victoria

MITCHELL, Ms Megan, National Children's Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission

MOORE, Mr Francis, Executive Director Administration, Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

ODGERS, Mr Anthony, Assistant Federal Secretary, Independent Education Union of Australia

PEREIRA, Ms Annette, Executive Officer, Australian Association of Christian Schools

SALMAN, Mr Adel, Islamic Schools Association of Australia

SPENCER, Mr Mark, Executive Officer, Policy, Governance and Staff Relations, Christian Schools Australia       

STRAUSS, Ms Penelope, PhD Candidate, Telethon Kids Institute

STUPARICH, Mr Jeremy, Public Policy Director, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

WALKER, Ms Karyn, Co-Founder, Parents of Gender Diverse Children

WATSON, Mr Sam, Private capacity

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