Appendix 2

Public hearings

Thursday, 20 January 2022
Committee room 2S1,
Parliament House

Law Council of Australia (via videoconference)

Ms Katherine Eastman SC, Chair, Law Council of Australia Equal Opportunity Committee
Mr Simeon Beckett, Co-Chair, Human rights Committee, NSW Bar Association
Ms Leonie Campbell, Deputy Director of Policy, Law Council of Australia

Dr Renae Barker (via videoconference)

Dr Alex Deagon (via videoconference)

Professor Nicholas Aroney (via videoconference)

Associate Professor Mark Fowler (via videoconference)

Australian Christian Lobby

Mr Dan Flynn, Deputy Director

Freedom for Faith (via videoconference)

Professor Patrick Parkinson, Director

Institute for Civil Society (via videoconference)

Mr Mark Sneddon, Executive Director

Human Rights Law Alliance

Mr John Steenhof, Principal Lawyer

Mr Lyle Shelton

Australian Association of Christian Schools (via videoconference)

Mr Dylan Turner, Government Relations Advisor

Christian Schools Australia and Adventist Schools Australia

Mr Mark Spencer, Director of Public Policy, Christian Schools Australia

Australian Christian Higher Education Alliance (in person and via videoconference)

Dr Jeannie Trudel, Chair of ACHEA and President of Christian Heritage College
Mr Nick Jensen, Political Liaison

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (via videoconference)

Bishop Mark Edwards OMI, Bishop of Wagga and Member of the Bishops Commission for Catholic Education
Professor Rocque Reynolds, Australian Catholic University

National Catholic Education Commission (via videoconference)

Ms Sally Egan, Acting Executive Director, National Catholic Education Commission
Mr Dallas McInerney, Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Schools New South Wales

Executive Council of Australian Jewry (via videoconference)

Mr Peter Wertheim AM, Co-Chief Executive Officer

Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (via videoconference)

Dr Colin Rubenstein, Executive Director
Ms Naomi Levin, Senior Policy Analyst

Australian National Imams Council (via videoconference)

Mr Bilal Rauf, Spokesperson and Adviser

Australian Muslim Advocacy Network (via videoconference)

Ms Rita Jabri Markwell, Legal Advisor

Buddhist Council of NSW (via videoconference)

Mr Gawaine Powell Davies, Chair
Bhante Akaliko, Board Member

Australian Sangha Association (via videoconference)

Venerable Mettaji, Committee Member

Hindu Council of Australia (via videoconference)

Mr Surinder Jain, National Vice President

Public Affairs Commission, Anglican Church of Australia (via videoconference)

Dr Carolyn Tan, Chairperson

Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney

Rt. Rev Dr. Michael Stead, Bishop of South Sydney; Chair of the Religious Freedom Reference Group

Presbyterian Church of Australia

Dr John McLean, Convenor, Church and Nation Committee

Presbyterian Church of Victoria

Rev Christopher Duke, Convenor, Church and Nation Committee
Mrs Moira Deeming, Member, researcher, Church and Nation Committee

Uniting Church in Australia Assembly (via videoconference)

Ms Sharon Hollis, President
Ms Claerwen Little, National Director, UnitingCare Australia

Seventh-day Adventist Church (via videoconference)

Pastor Michael Worker, General Secretary & Director of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty

Australian Christian Churches (via videoconference)

Pastor Mark Llewellyn Edwards OAM, Representative of Australian Christian Churches in the area of Religious Freedom
Friday, 21 January 2022
Committee room 2S1
Parliament House

Public Interest Advocacy Centre (via videoconference)

Mr Jonathon Hunyor, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Alastair Lawrie, Policy Manager

Australian Discrimination Law Experts Group (via videoconference)

Ms Robin Banks, Member
Mr Liam Elphick, Member
Dr Alice Taylor, Member
Dr Cristy Clark, Member

Just.Equal Australia (via videoconference)

Mr Rodney Croome AM, National Spokesperson
Mr Brian Greig OAM, WA Spokesperson

Equality Australia (via videoconference)

Mr Ghassan Kassissieh, Legal Director
Ms Karen Pack
Clr Nathan Zamprogno

Unions Tasmania (via videoconference)

Mrs Jessica Munday, Secretary, Unions Tasmania
Mr Dino Ottavi, Organiser, Independent Education Union (Vic Tas, Hobart Office)

Women’s Health Tasmania (via teleconference)

Ms Jo Flanagan, Chief Executive Officer

Equality Tasmania (via videoconference)

Mr Rodney Croome AM, President

Multi-Cultural Council of Tasmania (via videoconference)

Mr Dattaraj Mahambrey, Chair

Disability Voices Tasmania (via videoconference)

Fiona Strahan, Spokesperson on RDA
Ms Robin Banks, Advisor

Youth Pride Network (via videoconference)

Ms Charlotte Glance, Policy and Project Coordinator

Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council (in person and via videoconference)

Mx Giancarlo de Vera, President
Ms Michelle McNamara, Board Member
Mr Carl Gopalkrishnan, AGMC WA Representative and Chair, AGMC Community Safety Working Group

Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (via videoconference)

Mr Heath Paynter, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Diversity Council Australia (via videoconference)

Ms Catherine Brown, Director, Communications and Advocacy

Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (via videoconference)

Mr Luke Rycken, Executive Officer

Equality Rights Alliance

Ms Helen Dalley-Fisher, Convenor

Harmony Alliance (via teleconference)

Ms Nyadol Nyoun, Chair

People With Disability Australia

Mx Giancarlo de Vera, Senior Manager of Policy

Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (via videoconference)

Ms Alexandra Raphael, Director of Policy & Advocacy

Australian Industry Group (via videoconference)

Mr Stephen Smith, Head of National Workplace Relations Policy

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (via videoconference)

Mr Scott Barklamb, Director, Workplace Relations
Mr Simon Farrow, Adviser, Workplace Relations

Australian Education Union (via videoconference)

Ms Susan Hopgood, Federal Secretary

Australian Council of Trade Unions (via videoconference)

Mr Liam O’Brien, Assistant Secretary
Ms Sophie Ismail, Legal and Industrial Officer
Ms Lorri-Anne Sharp, Acting Federal Secretary, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
Dr Micha Peters, National Policy Research Advisor, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

Independent Education Union of Australia (via videoconference)

Mr Anthony Odgers, Assistant Federal Secretary

Australian Human Rights Commission (via videoconference)

Emeritus Professor Rosalind Croucher AM, President
Ms Lorraine Finlay, Human Rights Commissioner
Mr Graeme Edgerton, Deputy General Counsel

Australian Council of Human Rights Authorities (via videoconference)

Commissioner Ro Allen, Chair

Northern Territory Government (via teleconference)

The Hon. Selena Uibo MLA, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice

Attorney-General’s Department

Mr Andrew Walter, A/g Deputy Secretary Integrity and International Group
Mr Stephen Still, Assistant Secretary, Employment Standards Branch
Mr Colin Minihan, A/g Assistant Secretary Human Rights Branch

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