Recommendation 1

2.119    The committee recommends that practices and procedures be put in place to ensure that all parties to Parenting Management Hearings are made fully aware of the legal ramifications of engaging in the process.

Recommendation 2

2.120    The committee recommends that should one party be granted leave for legal representation, the other party should also be granted leave.

Recommendation 3

2.121    The committee recommends that the government consider giving the Panel authority to determine relocation matters where the distance of the relocation is less than 100 kilometres.

Recommendation 4

2.122    The committee recommends that amendments be made to either the bill, or to the relevant regulations, to ensure that Panel determinations come into effect on the day they are made, unless another date is specified by the Panel.

Recommendation 5

2.123    The committee recommends that appropriate guidelines be developed to govern the use and storage of sensitive records and evidence by a Parenting Management Panel.

Recommendation 6

2.124    The committee recommends that the government publicly release the evaluation of the Parenting Management Hearing pilot program.

Recommendation 7

2.125    On the basis that the government will seriously consider and, where appropriate, action the recommendations made, the committee recommends that the bill be passed.

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