Appendix 3

Public hearing and witnesses

Wednesday 20 SEPTEMBER 2017 – Canberra

Breen, Mr Adrian, Assistant Secretary, Transnational Crime Branch, Attorney General's Department

Brown, Mr Bradley, Acting Deputy CEO, International and Policy, AUSTRAC

Bunting, Mr Richard, Director, Strategic Intelligence and Policy

Dametto, Cmdr Stephen, Acting Manager of Criminal Assets, Fraud and Anti-Corruption, Australian Federal Police

De Crespigny, Mr Mark, Deputy Director, Illegal Imports and Exports/Human Exploitation and Border Protection

Grant, Mr Richard, Ag Executive Director Intelligence, Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

Hawkins, Mr Murray, Director, Regulatory Policy and Research, Law Council of Australia

McGoldrick, Senior Financial Investigator and Ag Head of Determination, Targeting Criminal Wealth No. 2, Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

Moreland Bailes, Mr Charles, President Elect, Law Council of Australia

Munsie, Ms Laura, Director, Financial Crime Section, Attorney General's Department

O'Shaughnessy, Mr Aidan, Executive Director, Industry Policy (Acting), Australian Bankers' Association INC.

Sengstock, Mrs Elsa, Coordinator, Legislation Program, Australian Federal Police

Walter, Mr Andrew, First Acting Assistant Secretary, Criminal Justice Policy and Programmes Division, Attorney General's Department

Zirnsak, Dr Mark, Director, Social Justice, Uniting Church in Australia

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