Submissions received by the Committee

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1Department of Human Services (PDF 591 KB) 
2Legal Services Commission of South Australia (PDF 462 KB) 
3Australian Taxation Office (PDF 472 KB) 
4Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman (PDF 154 KB) 
5Queensland Law Society (PDF 345 KB) 
6Australian Lawyers Alliance (PDF 867 KB) 
7Mr Charles Powers (PDF 13 KB) 
8Cleary Hoare Solicitors (PDF 2005 KB) 
9Victims Of Abuse In The Australian Defence Force Association (PDF 206 KB) 
10Attorney-General's Department (PDF 267 KB) 
11Law Council of Australia (PDF 1850 KB) 
12Department of Home Affairs (PDF 237 KB) 
13Ms Mona Krombholz (PDF 194 KB) 
Response by the Department of Defence, received 3 May 2018. (PDF 427 KB) 
14Mr Kia Silverbrook (PDF 140 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 4713 KB) 
Response by the Fair Work Ombudsman, received 3 May 2018. (PDF 464 KB) 
15Civil Liberties Australia (PDF 508 KB) 
Response by the Attorney General’s Department, received 3 May 2018. (PDF 201 KB) 

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