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The processing and publication of submissions is not an automated process and may take some time. Submitters will receive a formal letter of acknowledgement if and when the committee has accepted their submission and approved it for publication.

Submissions received by the Committee

Submissions may be re-ordered by clicking on a column header. They may also be grouped by Organisation/Individual, State/Territory.

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 421 items in 22 pages
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Page size:
 421 items in 22 pages
1Mr Scott Payne (PDF 89 KB) 
2Mr Thomas Raybould (PDF 104 KB) 
3Mr Jeff Bourman (PDF 71 KB) 
4Mr Craig Stonner (PDF 385 KB) 
5Mr Carl LeBon (PDF 31 KB) 
6Mr David Voss (PDF 282 KB) 
7Ms Susan West (PDF 454 KB) 
8Mr Benjamin Jarratt (PDF 2955 KB) 
9Springvale Pistol Club (PDF 89 KB) 
10Mr Ying K Lui (PDF 56 KB) 
11Mr Jay Dean (PDF 41 KB) 
12Ms Nik Halliwell (PDF 101 KB) 
13Mr Roman Katruk (PDF 90 KB) 
14Mr Greg Kessell (PDF 6 KB) 
15Mr Jack Pettigrew (PDF 5 KB) 
16Mr Chris Portman (PDF 211 KB) 
17Mr Trevor Thompson (PDF 37 KB) 
18Mr Andrew Chattington (PDF 180 KB) 
19Mr Patrick Kealy (PDF 91 KB) 
19.1 Supplementary to submission 19 (PDF 162 KB) 
20Mr Carl Forman (PDF 6 KB) 

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