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Recommendation 1

3.112  The committee recommends—in addition to the allocated funding as detailed in the Explanatory Memorandum—that the proposed new divisions of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia be provided with additional resources for Registrars to assist with the backlog of cases.

Recommendation 2

3.114  The committee recommends that an appellate division of the Federal Court of Australia not be created and instead the existing appellate jurisdiction of the Family Court of Australia be retained into the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 1).

Recommendation 3

3.117  The committee recommends that the qualifications of judges in Division 2, as per proposed paragraph 79(2)(b), be amended to ensure that they have the appropriate skills, knowledge, experience and personality.

Recommendation 4

3.119  The committee recommends that the Australian Government pursue the immediate appointment of suitable candidates to vacant judiciary positions in the family courts and consider whether there is a need to appoint additional judges.

Recommendation 5

3.122  Subject to the adoption of the above recommendations, the committee recommends that the bills be passed.

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