The efficacy, fairness, timeliness and costs of the processing and granting of visa classes which provide for or allow for family and partner reunions

March 2022

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List of Recommendations

Chapter 1—Introduction

  Conduct of the inquiry
  Structure of the report

Chapter 2—Overview of Australia's Family Migration Program

  Legislative framework: the
  Visa system
  Policy settings

Chapter 3—The importance of migration and multiculturalism

  Contributing to Australia's growth, stability, and recovery
  Strengthening Australia's culture and social fabric
  Fulfilling our international obligations

Chapter 4—Visa application process: key issues

  Eligibility requirements
  Visa Application Charges
  Processing delays
  Evidentiary requirements and integrity checking

Chapter 5—Personal experiences of navigating the visa system

  Communication and transparency
  Impacts of navigating the visa application system

Chapter 6—Committee view

  The current operation of the family and partner migration scheme
  Visa processing

Additional comments from the Australian Greens

  A Faster, Fairer, More Affordable Family Reunion Visa System
  Definition of Family
  Balance of Family Test
  English Proficiency Tests
  Visa Cancellation

Appendix 1—Submissions and additional information

Appendix 2—Public hearings

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