Submissions received by the Committee

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1Relationships Australia (PDF 204 KB) 
2Council of Single Mothers and their Children and Single Mother Families Australia (PDF 252 KB) 
3Women's Legal Services Australia (PDF 308 KB) 
4Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (PDF 222 KB) 
5Full Stop Australia (PDF 187 KB) 
6CREATE Foundation (PDF 118 KB) 
7Dr Henry Kha (PDF 116 KB) 
8Youth Law Australia (PDF 661 KB) 
9National Legal Aid (PDF 205 KB) 
10Family Law Council (PDF 571 KB) 
11National Women's Safety Alliance (PDF 227 KB) 
12Law Council of Australia (PDF 835 KB) 
13National Children's Commissioner (PDF 115 KB) 

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