Submissions received by the Committee

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1Professor Rob McLaughlin (PDF 1463 KB) 
2Centre for Military and Security Law (PDF 313 KB) 
3Miss Shannon Reid (PDF 19 KB) 
4Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (PDF 652 KB) 
5Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (PDF 596 KB) 
6Mr Ian Brooke (PDF 40 KB) 
7Civil Liberties Australia (PDF 303 KB) 
9Northern Territory Police (PDF 1384 KB) 
10Australian Lawyers Alliance (PDF 567 KB) 
11Law Council of Australia (PDF 408 KB) 
12Name Withheld (PDF 77 KB) 
13Mr Joshua Badge, Deakin University (PDF 50 KB) 
14Mr Michael O'Connell AM APM (PDF 123 KB) 
15Mr Brendan Dwyer (PDF 70 KB) 
16Associate Professor Greg Carne (PDF 754 KB) 

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