Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Public hearings and witnesses

Friday 1 May 2015—Sydney

AGAR, Ms Sarah, Campaigns and Policy Adviser, Choice

AHLIN, Mr Sam, Principal Legal Officer, Commercial and Administrative Law Branch, Attorney-General's Department

BERG, Mr Chris, Senior Fellow, Institute of Public Affairs

CHARD, Mr Christopher Brian, Managing Director, Roadshow Entertainment

CORBIN, Ms Teresa, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

COTTLE, Mr Brett Robin, Chief Executive Officer, APRA AMCOS  

DALTON, Ms Carolyn, Executive Director, Australian Interactive Media Industry Association Digital Policy Group

FOULADI, Mr Daniel, Head of Products, Verizon

FRASER, Professor Michael, Director, Communications Law Centre, University of Technology, Sydney

GONSALVES, Mr Maurice, Member, Intellectual Property Committee, Business Law Section, Law Council of Australia           

HAIPOLA, Ms Kirsti, Principal Legal Officer, Commercial and Administrative Law Branch, Attorney-General's Department         

HEPWORTH, Ms Patricia Ruth, Executive Officer, Australian Digital Alliance

HERPS, Mr Aaron, Assistant Managing Director, Operation and Technology, Australian Screen Association

HUTLEY, Ms Vanessa, General Manager, Music Rights Australia Pty Ltd

IRELAND, Ms Lynette, Chief General Counsel, Foxtel

KIRKLAND, Mr Alan, Chief Executive Officer, Choice

MAURER, Mr Andrew, Assistant Secretary, Digital Productivity, Department of Communications

MEAGHER, Mr Bruce, Group Director Corporate Affairs, Foxtel

MINOGUE, Mr Matthew, First Assistant Secretary, Civil Law Division, Attorney-General's Department

O'HALLORAN, Mr Xavier, Policy Officer, Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

O'NEIL, Ms Clare Joanna, Director of Legal and Broadcasting Policy, Free TV Australia

PATTON, Mr Laurie, Chief Executive Officer, Internet Society of Australia

PHILLIPS, Ms Fiona, Executive Director, Australian Copyright Council

RAICHE, Ms Holly, Chair, Policy Committee, Internet Society of Australia

STANTON, Mr John, Chief Executive Officer, Communications Alliance

WEATHERALL, Associate Professor Kimberlee Gai, Private capacity

WILLIAMS, Mr Michael John, Solicitor, Film and TV Bodies

WILSON, Mr Timothy Robert, Human Rights Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission

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