Table of Contents

Report on the Role and Function of the Administrative Review Council

Table of Contents


Recommendations and Conclusions

Chapter 1: The work and effectiveness of the Administrative Review Council

Establishment of the ARC
Composition of the ARC
Statutory Functions of the ARC
Work and focus of the ARC
Assessing the ARC's effectiveness
Regard in which the ARC is held
Record on completing references and agreed projects
Acceptance of ARC advice and recommendations
ARC reports as useful summaries of the law and contributions to debate
Success of other forms of policy input
ARC's role as a facilitator

Chapter 2: The Need for the Administrative Review Council

Chapter 3: Improving the ARC

Possible changes to the membership structure of the ARC
Possible changes to the ARC's functions
ARC's Relationship with other bodies


Appendix 1: List of Submissions

Appendix 2: Witnesses appearing before Public Hearings