Submissions received by the Committee

Sex Discrimination Amendment (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status) Bill 2013

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Dr Tiffany Jones (PDF 846KB) 
2Mr Daniel Black (PDF 85KB) 
3FamilyVoice Australia (PDF 94KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 119KB) 
4Ms Anne Hewitt and Dr Laura Grenfell, Adelaide Law School (PDF 206KB) 
5Mr Alastair Lawrie (PDF 398KB) 
6Professor Margaret Thornton (PDF 102KB) 
7The Equal Rights Trust (PDF 373KB) 
8Organisation Intersex International Australia (PDF 154KB) 
9Australian Human Rights Commission (PDF 337KB) 
10ACT Human Rights Commission (PDF 703KB) 
11Catholic Women's League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga  (PDF 540KB) 
12Castan Centre for Human Rights Law (PDF 118KB) 
13Name Withheld (PDF 371KB) 
14Rainbow Families Council (PDF 91KB) 
15Catholic Women's League Australia (PDF 583KB) 
16Freedom 4 Faith (PDF 422KB) 
17Law Council of Australia (PDF 620KB) 
18ACON (PDF 294KB) 
19Kingsford Legal Centre (PDF 276KB) 
20Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission (PDF 1631KB) 
21Equality Rights Alliance (PDF 232KB) 
22Salt Shakers (PDF 288KB) 
23The AIDS Council of South Australia (PDF 299KB) 
24Australian Family Association (PDF 203KB) 
25Public Interest Law Clearing House (PDF 147KB) 
26Australian Christian Lobby (PDF 181KB) 
27TransGender Victoria (PDF 102KB) 
28Australian Council of Trade Unions (PDF 393KB) 
29NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby  (PDF 950KB) 
30Australian Association of Christian Schools (PDF 246KB) 
31The Wilberforce Foundation (PDF 395KB) 
32Liberty Victoria (PDF 608KB) 
33Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 1286KB) 
34Job Watch (PDF 446KB) 
35Mr David Hutchison (PDF 112KB) 
36Name Withheld (PDF 47KB) 
37Brighter Journey Counselling Agency (PDF 33KB) 
38Name Withheld (PDF 17KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 94KB) 
39Ms Ruth Hainsworth (PDF 88KB) 
40Mr Kenneth Lewis  (PDF 105KB) 
41Mr David Perrin (PDF 85KB) 
42Drs Nick and Natalie Blismas  (PDF 104KB) 
43Mr Michael Sobb (PDF 105KB) 
44Ms Sylvia Huxham (PDF 71KB) 
45Mr Stephen Hatton (PDF 36KB) 
46Mr Peter Donald (PDF 10KB) 
47Mr Leon Voesenek  (PDF 301KB) 
48Mr Doug Pollard (PDF 25KB) 
49Anti-Discrimination Commissioner of Tasmania (PDF 310KB) 
50Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PDF 1441KB) 
51Mr Matthew Aldous (PDF 23KB) 
52Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW  (PDF 354KB) 
53Mr James Hanrahan (PDF 9KB) 
54Name Withheld (PDF 681KB) 
55Ms Margaret Wallace  (PDF 91KB) 
56South Australian Commissioner for Equal Opportunity (PDF 68KB) 
57Mr Christopher McNicol  (PDF 107KB) 
58Mr Malcolm Eglinton (PDF 106KB) 
59Jack and Nanette Blair (PDF 329KB) 
60Ms Susan Kirk  (PDF 212KB) 
61Desmond and Josephine Kenneally (PDF 97KB) 
62Mr Allan Choveaux  (PDF 27KB) 
63Ms Fran Taylor  (PDF 9KB) 
64Mr Peter Phillips (PDF 13KB) 
65Mr Bayne MacGregor (PDF 38KB) 
66Ms Karen Dobby (PDF 413KB) 
67Mr Peter Murray (PDF 194KB) 
68Australian Family Association (WA) (PDF 69KB) 
69Mr Klaus Clapinski (PDF 781KB) 
70Human Rights Law Centre (PDF 488KB) 
71COTA Australia (PDF 562KB) 
72Lesbian and Gay Solidarity (Melbourne) (PDF 149KB) 
73Dr Eliana Miller (PDF 226KB) 
75Attorney-General's Department (PDF 30KB) 
76National LGBTI Health Alliance (PDF 555KB) 
77Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (PDF 211KB) 
78Women's Legal Services NSW  (PDF 509KB) 
79Women's Legal Services Australia (PDF 135KB) 
80Inner City Legal Centre (PDF 490KB) 
81Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW (PDF 80KB) 
82National Association of Community Legal Centres (PDF 957KB) 
83Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby  (PDF 439KB) 
84New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties (PDF 264KB) 
85Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland (PDF 2913KB) 
86Mr Tamsin "Thomas" White (PDF 33KB) 
87New South Wales Government (PDF 109KB) 
88Victoria Legal Aid (PDF 3499KB) 
89Mission Australia (PDF 656KB) 
90Mr Daniel Joseph (PDF 5KB) 

Form Letters Received

1Example of Form Letter 1, received from 34 submitters (this number includes variations of the form letter)(PDF 190KB) 
2Example of Form Letter 2, received from 4 submitters (this number includes variations of the form letter)(PDF 274KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1Responses to questions on notice provided by the Attorney-General's Department on 21 May 2013(PDF 69KB) 

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