Submissions received by the Committee

Value of a justice reinvestment approach to criminal justice in Australia

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Ms Nadia Chester (PDF 95KB) 
2Mr Michael Mardel (PDF 4KB) 
3Ms Frances de Jong (PDF 22KB) 
4Ms Tracy Rice (PDF 4KB) 
5Ms Anita Olsen (PDF 61KB) 
6Mr Colin McKellar (PDF 87KB) 
7Ms Marion Treasure (PDF 6KB) 
8Ms Apeetha Arunagiri (PDF 86KB) 
9Ms Maureen Keady (PDF 87KB) 
10Ms Anna Shepherd (PDF 4KB) 
11Ms Virginia McGill (PDF 23KB) 
12Freedom Socialist Party (PDF 267KB) Attachment 1(PDF 201KB) 
13NSW Justice and Forensic Mental Health Network (PDF 3782KB) 
14Indigenous Social Justice Association Melbourne (PDF 616KB) 
15Queensland Council for Civil Liberties (PDF 175KB) 
16Older Women's Network New South Wales (PDF 603KB) 
17BoysTown (PDF 52KB) 
18Associate Professor Pamela Snow and Professor Martine Powell (PDF 357KB) Attachment 1(PDF 456KB) 
19The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (PDF 263KB) 
20Professor Andrew Day (PDF 305KB) 
21The Advocacy and Support Centre (PDF 168KB) Attachment 1(PDF 709KB) 
22Dr Kevin Ronan and Mr Gene Davies (PDF 109KB) Attachment 1(PDF 28KB) Attachment 2(PDF 303KB) Attachment 3(PDF 114KB) Attachment 4(PDF 2165KB) Attachment 5(PDF 621KB) Attachment 6(PDF 85KB) 
23Commissioner for Children and Young People WA (PDF 12149KB) 
24Mr Kendall Lovett and Mr Mannie De Saxe (PDF 153KB) 
25Professor Michael Levy (PDF 437KB) 
26Queensland Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies (PDF 463KB) 
27Goldfields Land and Sea Council (PDF 228KB) 
28South Australian Justice Reinvestment Working Group (PDF 170KB) 
29Civil Liberties Australia (PDF 76KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 163KB) 
30Ms Marianne Mackay (PDF 81KB) 
31New South Wales Reconciliation Council (PDF 1405KB) 
32Central Australian Aboriginal Family Legal Unit Aboriginal Corporation  (PDF 332KB) 
33Elizabeth Hoffman House Aboriginal Women's Services (PDF 59KB) 
34Dr Margaret Giles (PDF 134KB) 
35Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (PDF 172KB) 
36Anglican Diocese of Brisbane Social Responsibilities Committee (PDF 2525KB) 
37South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services (PDF 719KB) 
38Legal Aid NSW (PDF 68KB) 
39National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum (PDF 914KB) 
40National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (PDF 110KB) 
41National Disability Services (PDF 229KB) 
42Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission  (PDF 364KB) 
43Big hART (PDF 94KB) 
44Just Reinvest NSW (PDF 533KB) Attachment 1(PDF 3266KB) 
45Office of the Public Advocate (Queensland) (PDF 244KB) 
46The Centre for Independent Studies (PDF 868KB) Attachment 1(PDF 2497KB) 
47North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (PDF 331KB) Attachment 1(PDF 109KB) 
48Ms Rhianne Goltz (PDF 185KB) 
49Mr Stewart O'Connell (PDF 81KB) 
50Women in Prison Advocacy Network (PDF 254KB) 
51Flat Out (PDF 158KB) 
52Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service Victoria (PDF 885KB) 
53National Congress of Australia's First Peoples (PDF 276KB) 
54Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia (PDF 1590KB) 
55North Australian Aboriginal Family Violence Legal Service (PDF 383KB) 
56Ms Bridie Turpeinen (PDF 142KB) 
57Mr Leonard William (PDF 282KB) 
58Mr Warren Redding (PDF 96KB) 
59Ms Pamela Romanis (PDF 62KB) 
60Castan Centre for Human Rights Law (PDF 249KB) 
61Outcare (PDF 716KB) 
62Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service (PDF 504KB) 
63Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (PDF 458KB) 
64Western Australian Council of Social Service, the Western Australian Association for Mental Health and the Western Australia Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies (PDF 1206KB) Attachment 1(PDF 691KB) 
65Uniting Church in Western Australia (PDF 514KB) 
66Ms Helen Miles (PDF 4KB) 
67Ms Lisa Barry (PDF 95KB) 
68Mr David Fry (PDF 952KB) 
69Sisters Inside (PDF 507KB) 
70Bethlehem House (PDF 975KB) 
71Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland (PDF 521KB) 
72National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (PDF 2972KB) 
73Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (PDF 3048KB) 
74Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (PDF 1161KB) 
75Dr Heleanor Feltham (PDF 91KB) 
76Mr Kevin McDonnell (PDF 89KB) 
77Ms Sue Collings (PDF 139KB) 
78Ms Dereka Ogden (PDF 90KB) 
79Mr John Nicholson SC (PDF 6278KB) 
80SCALES Community Legal Centre (PDF 238KB) 
81NSW Aboriginal Land Council Northern Region Local Aboriginal Land Councils (PDF 687KB) Attachment 1(PDF 106KB) Attachment 2(PDF 627KB) Attachment 3(PDF 252KB) 
82Ms Monique Bond (PDF 530KB) Attachment 1(PDF 240KB) Attachment 2(PDF 283KB) 
83National Centre for Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Offender Health Capacity Building Group (PDF 201KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 68KB) 
84Redfern Legal Centre on behalf of the CRPD Shadow Report Project Group (PDF 566KB) 
85Australian Human Rights Commission (PDF 307KB) Attachment 1(PDF 427KB) 
86Bourke Aboriginal Community Working Party (PDF 51KB) 
87ACT Human Rights Commission (PDF 370KB) 
88Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PDF 816KB) 
89Ms Marnie Weule (PDF 79KB) 
90Youth Advocacy Centre (PDF 411KB) 
91Smart Justice for Young People (PDF 113KB) 
92Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (PDF 531KB) 
93Federation of Community Legal Centres (PDF 242KB) 
94Prisoners' Legal Service (PDF 214KB) 
95Council of State Governments Justice Center (PDF 137KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1876KB) Attachment 2(PDF 877KB) Attachment 3(PDF 688KB) 
96Australian National Council on Drugs and National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (PDF 2442KB) 
97Law Council of Australia (PDF 192KB) 
98Noetic Group (PDF 126KB) 
99Mission Australia (PDF 580KB) Attachment 1(PDF 108KB) 
100Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) (PDF 261KB) 
101Law Society Northern Territory (PDF 5019KB) 
102Community Legal Centres NSW (PDF 280KB) 
103National Association of Community Legal Centres (PDF 515KB) 
104Jesuit Social Services (PDF 911KB) 
105Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (PDF 913KB) 
106National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum and Related Disorders (PDF 537KB) 
107Australian Legal Assistance Forum (PDF 88KB) 
108St Vincent de Paul Society (PDF 262KB) 
109Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia (PDF 658KB) 
110Department for Correctional Services, South Australian Government (PDF 348KB) 
111Department for Communities and Social Inclusion, South Australian Government (PDF 345KB) 
112Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (PDF 525KB) 
113Australian Red Cross (PDF 1732KB) 
114Australian Justice Reinvestment Project (PDF 8385KB) 
115White Ribbon (PDF 562KB) 
116Top End Women's Legal Service (PDF 517KB) 
117Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Association, ACT Council of Social Service and Mental Health Community Coalition ACT (PDF 165KB) 
118North West Queensland Indigenous Catholic Social Services (PDF 5498KB) 
119Ms Hilary Hannam, Chief Magistrate of the Northern Territory Magistrates Court (PDF 3651KB) 
120Human Rights Law Centre (PDF 471KB) 
121Mr Peter Hamann (PDF 63KB) 
122International Centre for Prison Studies (PDF 197KB) 
123Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform (PDF 1054KB) 
124Juvenile Justice NSW (PDF 793KB) 
125Youth Justice Advisory Committee (PDF 275KB) 
126Mr David Gray (PDF 42KB) 
127Commissioner for Victims' Rights (PDF 5072KB) 
128Ms Robyn Holder (PDF 64KB) 
129Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (PDF 1612KB) 
130Dr Liz Curran (PDF 174KB) 
131Southern Cross University (PDF 2677KB) 

Additional Information Received

1'Antisocial personality disorder and therapeutic justice court programs', provided by Dr Andrew Cannon on 10 December 2012(PDF 140KB) 
2'Out of Sight, Out of Mind: People with an Acquired Brain Injury and the Criminal Justice System', provided by Brain Injury Australia on 8 January 2013(PDF 952KB) 
3'Massive Prevalence of Hearing Loss Among Aboriginal Inmates in the Northern Territory', provided by Dr Damien Howard on 16 January 2013(PDF 400KB) 
4'Next Generation: Better outcomes for vulnerable families in contact with Australian criminal justice systems', provided by Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders on 5 March 2013(PDF 610KB) 
5Information on sentencing in Commonwealth criminal matters, provided by Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions on 19 March 2013(PDF 349KB) 
6'Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) within the Criminal Justice Sector in Queensland', provided by Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education on 5 April 2013(PDF 821KB) 
7'Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Knowledge, attitudes and practice within the Western Australian justice system', provided by Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education on 5 April 2013(PDF 1696KB) 
8'Exploring the feasibility of Justice Reinvestment in the Australian Capital Territory', provided by Dr Jill Guthrie on 6 April 2013.(PDF 1701KB) 
9'Is Justice Reinvestment needed in Australia?', provided by Dr Jill Guthrie on 6 April 2013.(PDF 2485KB) 
10'Interaction with the Western Australian Criminal Justice System by People Affected by Mental Illness or Impairment', provided by Mental Health Law Centre WA on 12 April 2013.(PDF 757KB) 
11'Justice Reinvestment: The Economic Benefits for Victoria', provided by Ms Kate Burns on 30 April 2013(PDF 281KB) 
12'Addendum – List of Endorsing Organisations', tabled by Mr Reynato Reodica on behalf of the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition at the public hearing on 1 May 2013(PDF 275KB) 
13'Evaluation of the Step Out Initiative', provided by the Australian Red Cross on 2 May 2013(PDF 1485KB) 
14'Evaluation of the Prisoner Support Program in Tasmania', provided by the Australian Red Cross on 2 May 2013(PDF 2995KB) 
15'Justice Reinvestment/Causes of Crime: Report of the NJCEOs Working Group', tabled by the Attorney-General's Department at the public hearing on 17 May 2013(PDF 730KB) 
16'National Indigenous Law and Justice Framework', provided by the Attorney-General's Department on 21 May 2013(PDF 1196KB) 
17'National Indigenous Law and Justice Framework Good Practice Appendix', provided by the Attorney-General's Department on 21 May 2013(PDF 1454KB) 
18'Evaluations of Indigenous justice programs under the National Indigenous Law and Justice Framework', provided by the Attorney-General's Department on 21 May 2013(PDF 293KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1Answer to Question on Notice provided by Australian Justice Reinvestment Project on 17 May 2013(PDF 226KB) 
2Answer to Question on Notice provided by the Attorney-General's Department on 24 May 2013(PDF 1044KB) 
3Answer to Question on Notice provided by Just Reinvest NSW on 4 June 2013(PDF 665KB) 
4Answer to Question on Notice provided by Australian Human Rights Commission on 4 June 2013(PDF 228KB) 
5Answer to Question on Notice provided by Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia on 7 June 2013(PDF 92KB) 

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