Public hearing - Darwin, Tuesday 15 April 2008

Public hearing - Darwin, Tuesday 15 April 2008

Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
Cnr Mitchell and Herbert Streets

8.30am – 12.00pm

8.30am – 9.15am

NT Stolen Generations Aboriginal Corporation (Submission 50)
Ms Cynthia Sariago
Central Australian Stolen Generations and Families Aboriginal Corporation (Submission 54)
Mrs Zita Wallace, Chairperson
Ms Jackie Baxter

9.15am – 9.45am

Stolen Generation Alliance (Submission 25)
Ms Cynthia Sariago
Mrs Zita Wallace
Ms Jackie Baxter
Mr Phil Elsegood

9.45am – 10.15am

National Sorry Day Committee (Submission 43) (by teleconference) inbound conference call from Parli House
Ms Helen Moran
Ms Sally Fitzpatrick
Mr Rodney Dillon

10.15am – 10.30am


10.30am – 11.00am

Bringing Them Home Committee WA (Submission 13) (by teleconference)
Mr Jim Morrison, Indigenous Co-Convenor
Dr Ian Robinson, Non-Indigenous Co-Convenor
Mr Alan Carter, Treasurer

11.00am – 11.30am

Croker Island Stolen Generation Group (Submission 37)
Ms Eileen Cummings

11.30am – 12.00pm

Danila Dilba Health Service (Submission 71)
Ms Jacqui Katona
Ms Barbara Cummings

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