Submissions received

Inquiry into the Same-Sex Relationships (Equal Treatment in Commonwealth Laws—General Law Reform) Bill 2008

Submissions received

Submissions received from organisations

Sub No.
1 Professor Patrick Parkinson, Professor of Law, University of Sydney (PDF 116KB)


Coming Out Proud Program (COPP) (PDF 59KB)


Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre (PDF 22KB)


FamilyVoice Australia  (PDF 76KB), addendum (PDF 89KB)

4a FamilyVoice Australia-supplementary submission (PDF 345KB)


Inner City Legal Centre (PDF 14KB)


Dr Jo Harrison (PDF 17KB)

6a Dr Jo Harrison-supplementary submission (PDF 39KB)


Superannuated Commonwealth Officers' Association Inc. (PDF 34KB)


Lesbian and Gay Solidarity (LGS) Melbourne (PDF 19KB)


Australian Institute of Family Counselling Ltd (PDF 22KB)

10 Australian Christian Lobby (PDF 147KB)
11 Let's Get Equal Campaign (PDF 20KB)
12 Australian Human Rights Commission (PDF 56KB)
13 Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group (PDF 56KB)
14 Human Rights Law Resource Centre (PDF 117KB)
15 Comsuper Action Committee (PDF 9KB)
16 Presbyterian Church of Australia, Church and Nation Committee (PDF 9KB)
17 Community and Public Sector Union  (PDF 25KB)
18 Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (NSW) (PDF 531KB)
18a Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (NSW)-supplementary submission (PDF 204KB)
19 Australian Coalition for Equality  (PDF 144KB)
19a Australian Coalition for Equality - supplementary submission  (PDF 61KB)
20 New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties (PDF 49KB)
21 Law Council of Australia  (PDF 39KB)
22 NSW Young Lawyers (PDF 76KB)
23 Social Issues Executive of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney (PDF 62KB)
24 Student Representative Council, University of Sydney  (PDF 8KB)
25 Lutheran Church of Australia  (PDF 27KB)
26 Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (PDF 126KB)
27 Salt Shakers Inc (PDF 94KB)
28 Positive Life New South Wales (PDF 63KB)
29 National Welfare Rights Network (PDF 58KB)
30 UnitingJustice Australia (PDF 53KB)
31 Liberty Victoria (PDF 281KB)
32 Law Institute Victoria  (PDF 21KB), attachment (PDF 92KB)
33 ACON (PDF 82KB)
34 Gay and Lesbian Equality (WA) Inc (PDF 77KB)
35 Hawkesbury Nepean Community Legal Centre Inc. (PDF 449KB)
36 Kevin Boreham, Lecturer, ANU College of Law  (PDF 28KB)
37 New South Wales Government (PDF 294KB)


Submissions received from individuals

Sub No.
m1 Anthony Cramery
m2 John Goldbaum
m3 Paul Sadler and Philip Ritchie
m4 Neil Jackson (PDF 49KB)
m5 Linette Voller (PDF 8KB)
m6 Stephen MacKenzie
m7 Cathy Brown  (PDF 10KB)
m8 Brodie West (PDF 5KB)
m9 Shane Jeffery and Lawrence Cryer
m10 Paul Clark (PDF 164KB)
m11 Trafford Judd and Michael Griffin
m12 David Rogers
m13 Brian Dunn (PDF 8KB)
m14 Lahna Barratt
m15 Carly Bell
m16 M. L. W
m17 Naomi Waizer
m18 Giorgio Petti  (PDF 5KB)
m19 Tracey Hamilton
m20 Walter Lee (PDF 146KB), attachment (PDF 103KB)
m21 Maria
m22 Lucy Kiely
m23 Mr Darryl Butler (PDF 82KB)
m24 Bruce Pope
m25 Judith A. Brown
m26 Roberta Peterson
m27 John Mayger
m28 Peter Power
m29 Mrs Hazel Bothe
m30 Neil Appleby  (PDF 6KB)
m31 Confidential
m32 Confidential
m33 Confidential
m34 Confidential
m35 Confidential


Standard and form letters

Sub No.

Standard letter received from 30 individuals: example (PDF 5KB), list of submitters (PDF 5KB)


Standard letter f1 including personal stories received from 48 individuals: list of submitters (PDF 6KB)


Variations on a standard letter received from 13 people; example (PDF 7KB), list of submitters (PDF 5KB)


Additional Information


Attorney-General's Department - Answers to Questions on Notice (PDF 2813KB)


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