Submissions received by the committee as at 6/10/2006

Inquiry into the Privacy Legislation Amendment (Emergencies and Disasters) Bill 2006

Submissions received by the committee as at 6/10/2006

Sub No.  
1 Australian Bureau of Statistics (PDF 94KB)
2 The CrimTrac Agency (PDF 111KB)
3 NSW Fire Brigades (PDF 12KB)
4 Australian Privacy Foundation (PDF 78KB)
5 Office of the NSW Privacy Commissioner (PDF 18KB)
6 Australian Federal Police (PDF 34KB)
7 Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner (PDF 33KB)
8 NSW Council for Civil Liberties (PDF 219KB)
9 St John Ambulance Australia (PDF 91KB)
10 Office of the Privacy Commissioner (PDF 70KB)
11 Ambulance Service of New South Wales (PDF 36KB)
12 Queensland Police Service (PDF 20KB)
13 Attorney-General's Department (PDF 57KB)

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