Submissions received by the committee as at 22/03/2006

Inquiry into the Exposure Draft of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Bill 2005

Submissions received by the committee as at 22/03/2006

Sub No.  
1 Real Estate Institute of Australia (PDF 59KB)
2 Investment & Financial Services Association Ltd (PDF 482KB)
2A Investment & Financial Services Association Ltd (PDF 873KB)
3 KPMG (PDF 199KB)
4 Australian Privacy Foundation (PDF 165KB)
5 Office of the NSW Privacy Commissioner (PDF 187KB)
6 Clubs Australia (PDF 389KB)
7 CPA Australia and The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (PDF 152KB), Attachment (PDF 37KB)
8 Australian Association of Permanent Building Societies Inc (PDF 37KB)
9 Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (PDF 60KB)
10 NSW Council for Civil Liberties (PDF 324KB)
11 Insurance Australia Group (PDF 67KB)
11A Insurance Australia Group (PDF 93KB)
12 Australian Federal Police (PDF 33KB)
13 ING Direct (PDF 127KB)
14 Suncorp-Metway Limited (PDF 118KB)
15 American Express Australia Limited (PDF 6184KB)
15A American Express Australia Limited (PDF 544KB)
16 PayPal Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 170KB)
17 Australian Friendly Societies Association PDF 79KB)
18 Australian Bankers Association (PDF 236KB)
19 Credit Union Industry Association (PDF 56KB)
20 Australian Securities and Investments Commission (PDF 116KB)
21 Platinum Asset Management Limited (PDF 75KB)
22 GE Capital Financing Australasia Pty Ltd (PDF 70KB)
23 Office of the Privacy Commissioner (PDF 118KB)
23A Office of the Privacy Commissioner (PDF 16KB)
24 Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited (PDF 274KB)
25 Australian Securities Intelligence Organisation (PDF 112KB)
26 Liberty Victoria (PDF 77KB)
27 Allens Arthur Robinson (PDF 136KB)
28 The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Limited (ASFA) (PDF 67KB), Attachment A (PDF 43KB)
29 Department of Treasury (PDF 21KB)
30 Insurance Council Australia (PDF 213KB)
31 Securities & Derivatives Industry Association (PDF 100KB)
32 Attorney-General's Department (PDF 15KB)

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