Inquiry into an Australian Republic

Inquiry into an Australian Republic

Report - Tabled 31 August 2004

On 26 June 2003, the Senate referred the Inquiry into an Australian Republic to the Senate Legal and Constitutional References Committee.

The Committee has determined to report by the end of August 2004.

Terms of Reference

(a) the most appropriate process for moving towards the establishment of an Australian republic with an Australian Head of State; and

(b) alternative models for an Australian republic, with specific reference to:

(i) the functions and powers of the Head of State

(ii) the method of selection and removal of the Head of State, and

(iii) the relationship of the Head of State with the executive, the parliament and the judiciary.

The committee is also required to facilitate wide community participation in this inquiry by conducting public hearings throughout Australia, including in rural and regional areas.

Lodging Submissions

The closing date for lodgement of submissions with the Committee is 31 March 2004. Submissions become Committee documents and are only made public after a decision by the Committee. Unauthorised release of submissions is not covered by parliamentary privilege. Further assistance can be obtained by phoning the secretariat on (02) 6277 3560.

The Committee encourages the lodgement of submissions in electronic form to Please ensure that a postal address and phone number is enclosed with all email submissions.

Submissions may also be faxed to (02) 6277 5794.

Discussion Paper

The Committee has issued a discussion paper to facilitate and focus debate. The discussion paper can be accessed by clicking (PDF 284KB) or (Word 250KB).

Copies of the discussion paper can be requested by phoning (02) 6277 3560 or emailing


Public Hearings

13 April 2004 Parramatta Program (PDF 93KB) Transcript (PDF 575KB)
14 April 2004 Melbourne Program (PDF 75KB) Transcript (PDF 351KB)
18 May 2004 Perth Program (PDF 73KB) Transcript (PDF 276KB)
19 May 2004 Adelaide Program (PDF 69KB) Transcript (PDF 292KB)
20 May 2004 Hobart Program (PDF 64KB) Transcript (PDF 237KB)
29 June 2004 Brisbane Program (PDF 76KB) Transcript (PDF 363KB)
29 July 2004 Canberra Program (PDF 91KB) Transcript (PDF 305KB)

Please note that the originally proposed Darwin Hearing of the 30 June 2004 has been cancelled and the previously scheduled Townsville Hearing of the 29 June 2004 will now be held in Brisbane.

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