The road to a republic

The road to a republic

31 August 2004

© Commonwealth of Australia 2004

ISBN 0 642 71441 X

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Members of the references committee (PDF format)  
Terms of Reference (PDF format)  
Abbreviations (PDF format)  
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF format)  
Conduct of the inquiry
Scope of the report
Note on references
Chapter 2 - Background (PDF format)  
Brief outline of previous moves towards an Australian republic
A republic: Yes or No? Views expressed in submissions and evidence
In support of a republic
Against a republic
Chapter 3 - The process: themes arising in evidence (PDF format)  
The importance of engagement
The need for education
Chapter 4 - The process: components and proposals (PDF format)  
The value of plebiscites
A threshold plebiscite question?
A second plebiscite question with a choice of models?
Other plebiscite questions?
Separate or concurrent plebiscite questions?
Timing of plebiscites: in conjunction with elections or not?
Plebiscites: compulsory or voluntary voting?
Plebiscites: method of voting?
A constitutional convention?
A parliamentary committee
Section 128 referendum
Other proposals
The Corowa Conference adopted model
Chapter 5 - Functions and powers of head of state (PDF format)  
Who is our current head of state?
Title of head of state
Functions of the head of state
Do we need a separate head of state?
Role of a republican head of state
Powers of a republican head of state
Governor-General's current functions and powers
Ordinary powers: the convention of acting on the advice of government
Reserve powers and associated conventions
Powers of the head of state and the judiciary
Other specific issues relating to the head of state's powers
Relationship between powers and selection method
Relationship with executive, parliament and judiciary
Chapter 6 - Selection and removal of head of state (PDF format)  
Political or apolitical head of state?
Selection of head of state
Nomination and short listing
Appointment or election processes
Length of term
Restrictions on re-appointment or re-election
Removal of head of state
Process for removal
Grounds for removal
Casual vacancies
Chapter 7 - The "battle of the models" alternative models for an australian republic (PDF format)  
General comments on models
Minimalist models
Prime Minister appoints the head of state
Parliament appoints the head of state
"McGarvie Model"
Direct election models
Direct election with parliamentary involvement
Direct election
Arguments for and against minimalist versus direct election models
Executive presidency model
Hybrid and other models
Electoral college models
Variations on a theme
Chapter 8 - The committee's conclusions (PDF format)  
Education, Engagement and Inclusion
A process
A first plebiscite
A second plebiscite
A Drafting Convention
Other issues
Additional comments by Senator Marise Payne, Deputy chair (PDF format)  
Dissenting report by Senator Nigel Scullion (PDF format)  
Appendix 1 - Organisations and individuals that provided the committee with submissions (PDF format)  
Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared before the committee (PDF format)  
Parramatta, Tuesday 13 April 2004
Melbourne, Wednesday 14 April 2004
Perth, Tuesday 18 May 2004
Adelaide, Wednesday 19 May 2004
Hobart, Thursday 20 May 2004
Brisbane, Tuesday 29 June 2004
Canberra, Thursday 29 July 2004