Recommendation 1

3.122  That the Government clarify the standard for English-language competency required for citizenship, noting that the required standard should not be so high as to disqualify from citizenship many Australians who, in the past, and with a more basic competency in the English language, have proven to be valuable members of the Australian community.

Recommendation 2

3.123  That the Government reconsider the imposition of a two-year ban on applications for citizenship following three failed attempts of the citizenship test, and consider other arrangements that allow additional tests on a cost-recovery basis that would deter less-genuine applicants.

Recommendation 3

3.124  That the Government consider introducing some form of transitional provisions for those people who held permanent residency visas on or before 20 April 2017 so that the current residency requirements apply to this cohort of citizenship applicants.

Recommendation 4

3.125  That the Senate pass the bill.

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