Appendix 2


Monday, 19 August 2019
Committee room 2S1
Parliament House
Law Council of Australia
Ms Gabrielle Bashir SC, Co-Chair, National Criminal Law Committee
Ms Leonie Campbell, Deputy Director, Policy
Ms Carina Ford, Member, Migration Law Committee
Mr David Prince, Member, Migration Law Committee
Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law
Dr Sangeetha Pillai, Senior Research Associate
Public Law and Policy Research Unit, University of Adelaide
Mr Alex Reilly, Professor
Dr Jason Donnelly, Private capacity
Mr Henry Sherrell, Private capacity
New Zealand High Commission
Dame Annette King, High Commissioner
Mr Andrew White, First Secretary
Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia (FECCA)
Mr Mohammad Al-Khafaji, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Lauren Stark, Policy and Project Officer
Australian Human Rights Commission
Mr Edward Santow, Human Rights Commissioner
Ms Lara Renton, Senior Lawyer
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Dr Carolyn Graydon, Principal Solicitor and Manager Human Rights
Law Program
Victoria Legal Aid
Ms Sarah Fisher, Manager, Migration sub-program
Visa Cancellations Working Group
Ms Hannah Dickinson, Chair
Ms Sanmati Verma, Member
Police Federation of Australia
Mr Scott Weber, Chief Executive Officer
Department of Home Affairs
Mr Michael Willard, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Immigration and Community Protection Policy
Mr Malcolm McAllister, Assistant Secretary, Compliance and Community Protection Policy
Ms Pip De Veau, First Assistant Secretary, Legal Division
Ms Sachi Wimmer, First Assistant Secretary, Immigration Integrity and Community Protection Policy

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