Submissions received by the Committee

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1The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) (PDF 427 KB) 
2New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties (PDF 261 KB) 
3Australian Human Rights Commission (PDF 181 KB) 
4Government of New Zealand (PDF 201 KB) 
5Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office (PDF 184 KB) 
6Oz Kiwi (PDF 501 KB) 
7Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) (PDF 185 KB) 
8Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (PDF 500 KB) 
9Law Council of Australia (PDF 2033 KB) 
10Refugee Council of Australia (PDF 376 KB) 
11Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (PDF 874 KB) 
12Border Crossing Observatory, Monash University (PDF 1029 KB) 
13Visa Cancellations Working Group (PDF 167 KB) 
14Legal Aid New South Wales (PDF 1252 KB) 
15Department of Home Affairs (PDF 339 KB) 
16Refugee Legal (PDF 149 KB) 
17Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network (Australia) (PDF 605 KB) 

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