Criminal Code and Other Legislation Amendment (Removing Commonwealth Restrictions on Cannabis) Bill 2018

14 September 2018

© Commonwealth of Australia 2018
ISBN 978-1-76010-828-1

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Members of the committee (PDF 26KB)
Recommendations (PDF 6KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction and background (PDF 147KB)

Background and purpose of the bill
Provisions of the bill
States and territories
Commonwealth approach to cannabis
Use of illicit cannabis in Australia
Commonwealth laws on medicinal cannabis products
Senate inquiry into personal choice and community impacts of cannabis
Financial implications of the bill
Compatibility with human rights
Conduct of the inquiry
Structure of this report

Chapter 2 - Issues raised (PDF 112KB)

Support for the bill
Opposition to the bill
Committee view

Dissenting Report–Liberal Democrats (PDF 36KB)
Appendix 1 - Submissions (PDF 8KB)
Appendix 2 - Public hearings and witnesses (PDF 8KB)
Appendix 3 - Parliamentary Budget Office: financial implications of legalising cannabis (PDF 132KB)

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Committee Secretary
Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee
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Parliament House
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Phone: +61 2 6277 3560