Submissions received by the Committee

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1Ms Justine Donohue (PDF 56 KB) 
2Ms Carolyn Elliott (PDF 71 KB) 
3Biometrics Institute Ltd (PDF 443 KB) 
4Combined Refugee Action Group (PDF 75 KB) 
5Ms Jade Charles (PDF 1884 KB) 
6Humanist Society of Victoria  (PDF 101 KB) 
7Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (PDF 164 KB) 
8New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties (NSWCCL) (PDF 202 KB) 
9The Australian Privacy Foundation (PDF 407 KB) 
10Law Council of Australia (PDF 206 KB) 
10.1 Supplementary to submission 10 (PDF 75 KB) 
11Department Immigration and Border Protection (PDF 180 KB) 
12Australian Privacy Commissioner (PDF 142 KB) 
13Refugee Council of Australia (PDF 280 KB) 
14Ms Jeni Wills (PDF 172 KB) 
15Mr Shayne Chester (PDF 172 KB) 
16Ms Pamela Jacobs (PDF 23 KB) 
17Mr W and Mrs L Cusworth (PDF 137 KB) 
18Ms Bec Pearce (PDF 90 KB) 

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