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Trick or Treaty? Commonwealth Power to Make and Implement Treaties

Trick or Treaty? Commonwealth Power to Make and Implement Treaties

November 1995

Table of Contents

Membership of the Committee

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Committee's Reference and Introduction

Chapter 2: Background

Chapter 3: Introduction to International Law

Chapter 4: Treaties and the Commonwealth Constitution

Chapter 5: Interpretation of the external affairs power and reform proposals

Chapter 6: Treaties and Domestic Law

Chapter 7: Current practices concerning entry into treaties

Chapter 8: External Affairs and the Australian Federation

Chapter 9: Case Studies - concerns raised during the inquiry

Chapter 10: Practices in other Federations

Chapter 11: Reviewing the value of current treaties

Chapter 12: Consultation with interested groups

Chapter 13: States and Territories

Chapter 14: The need for greater parliamentary involvement

Chapter 15: Proposals for reform: tabling treaties, parliamentary committees and treaty impact statements

Chapter 16: Proposals for reform: parliamentary approval of treaties

Chapter 17: Recommendations


Appendix 1: Submissions released for publication

Appendix 2: Details of meetings and witnesses

Appendix 3: Bibliography

Abbreviations: Abbreviations used in the report