Submissions received by the Committee as at 26 Aug 2009

Inquiry into the Disability Discrimination and Other Human Rights Legislation Amendment Bill 2008

Submissions received by the Committee as at 26 Aug 2009

Sub No.

1Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner (PDF 197KB) 
2National Disability Services (PDF 23KB) 
3Mr David Bath (PDF 38KB) 
4Mr Adam Johnston (PDF 43KB) 
5Physical Disability Australia (PDF 85KB) 
6Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (PDF 19KB) 
7Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PDF 205KB) 
8Carers Australia (PDF 83KB) 
9Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability (PDF 31KB) 
10Australian Employers' Network on Disability (PDF 115KB) 
11Students' Representative Council, University of Sydney (PDF 231KB) 
12Mr David Heckendorf (PDF 18KB) 
13Name Withheld (PDF 66KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 60KB) 
14Disability Council NSW (PDF 67KB) 
15Dr Belinda Smith (PDF 91KB) 
16Australian Human Rights Commission (PDF 82KB) 
17Law Council of Australia (PDF 112KB) 
18Association of Australian Assistance Dogs (N.Q) Inc. (PDF 222KB) 
19Australian Law Reform Commission (PDF 83KB) 
20Human Rights Law Resource Centre (PDF 200KB) 
21People With Disability Australia Incorporated (PDF 38KB) 
22Sydney Opera House (PDF 9KB) 
23Kate Eastman and Ben Fogarty (PDF 251KB) 
24Blind Citizens Australia (PDF 49KB) 
25Australian Deafblind Council (PDF 22KB) 
26Guide Dogs SA NT (PDF 101KB) 
27NSW Disability Discrimination Legal Centre Inc (PDF 242KB) 
28Australasian Railway Association Inc (PDF 180KB) 
29Mr Geoff Bridger (PDF 10KB) 
30Mental Health Council of Australia (PDF 120KB) 
31Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association of NSW (PDF 28KB) 
32Vision Australia (PDF 45KB) 
33South Australian Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (PDF 36KB) 
34Arts Access Australia (PDF 55KB) 
35The Hon Bob Such MP JP (PDF 205KB) 
36Assistance Dogs Australia Limited (PDF 2781KB) 
37Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 659KB) 
38Name Withheld (PDF 19KB) 

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