Public hearing - Melbourne, 22 April 2005

Inquiry into the Privacy Act 1988

Public hearing - Melbourne, 22 April 2005

MacDonald Room
NSW State Library
Macquarie Street
9.00am – 12.45pm

9:00am – 9:30am

Baycorp Advantage (Submission 43)

Mr Andrew Want , Chief Executive Officer

Mr Chris Gration , Consultant

Ms Melissa Stratton , Group Privacy Adviser

9:30am – 10:00am

Australian Privacy Foundation (Submission 32)

Ms Anna Johnston , Chair

Mr David Vaile , Vice Chair

10:00am – 10:30am

Australian Consumers' Association (Submission 15)

Mr Charles Britton, Senior Policy Officer, IT and Communications

10:30am – 11:00am

Australian Direct Marketing Association (Submission 38)

Miss Jodie Sangster , Director Legal and Regulatory Affairs

11:00am – 11:30am

Australian Law Reform Commission (Submission 18)

Professor David Weisbrot , President

Ms Carolyn Adams , Senior Legal Officer

11:30am – 12:15pm

Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner (no submission)

Ms Karen Curtis , Federal Privacy Commissioner

Mr Timothy Pilgrim , Deputy Privacy Commissioner

12:15pm – 12:45pm

Attorney-General's Department (no submission)

Ms Philippa Lynch , First Assistant Secretary, Information Law and Human Rights Division

Ms Janine Ward , Acting Assistant Secretary, Information Law Branch

Mr Colin Minihan , Principal Legal Officer, Information Law Branch, Private Sector Privacy

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